Month: July 2016

Put The “Gay” In Labor Day: 5 Getaway Ideas

Why not add a few days off to your labor day long weekend this September? Whether you’re looking for a cute getaway with your man, or a weekend of parties to enjoy with your friends, there are many gay-themed parties and gay-friendly destinations to choose from. Here is our short list for labor day 2016. For the couple: Puerto Vallarta Although there are no major parties during labor day weekend, this city is perfect for the gay couple seeking poolside drinks against the beautiful Puerto Vallarta bay. This liberal city enjoys the benefits of the recent legalization of civil...

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Rice Queen or Bean Enthusiast? Racial Preference in Gay Dating

I think my boyfriend is beautiful. I’m attracted to every part of him-his flawless golden-brown complexion, big brown eyes, straight black hair, and his delicate facial features, to name a few. Of course what has kept us together beyond our physical attraction for each other are shared interests and goals, however these physical features are what initially attracted me to him. My boyfriend is asian (Vietnamese and Cambodian to be more specific), and I am white. Our physical features are far from similar, and these differences become especially apparent when we take pictures together, making my complexion appear almost...

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Truvada Isn’t As Hard On Your System As We Once Thought

Originally intended to be used exclusively by medical professionals and those working in high-risk environments, Truvada (Pre-exposure prophylaxis) was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for widespread use in July 2012. Several studies have shown that the daily use of Truvada reduced the risk of HIV acquisition, some providing figures as high as 99% prevention rates. So why aren’t all gay men on this medication? Truvada is an expensive medication that can cost upwards of $3,000/month for those uninsured or underinsured. However, many insurances do cover a large portion and government programs help to pay out remaining...

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HIV-Dissident: A Dangerous Denial

“There is no HIV. You are not HIV positive, nor is your partner, nor is anyone worldwide. Give up your HIV status-identity and get a life.” -Alex Russel, assistant editor of the dissident journal Continuum. Try to imagine a world with no HIV: A world where HIV does not exist. Imagine there was no AIDS epidemic in San Francisco, New York, or Los Angeles in the 1980s. No AHF or government-funded biomedical research for HIV antivirals or needle-exchange programs. No movie where Matt Bomer dies due to no existing cure or effective medication. What a world that would be....

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8 Things You Probably Don’t Know About GHB, the “Date Rape Drug”

Gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid, also known as “liquid ecstasy” or GHB, has acquired a terrible reputation as it has been linked to cases of sexual assault, nausea when combined with other substances, and in some cases death. Prevalent in the gay community and global party culture alike, GHB is most commonly utilized for effects compared to a mixture of alcohol and stimulants. Whether you personally partake in the consumption of this party drug or not, it is likely that you’ve heard friends warn against combining this substance with alcohol, taking too much at once and “falling out” (temporary loss of consciousness),...

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