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How to Stay Fit Mind and Body At Home

How to Stay Fit Mind and Body At Home

How to Stay Fit Mind and Body At Home
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Everyone is currently having to spend a lot more time indoors than normal. However, it’s important to remember that you still need to keep your body and mind healthy whilst in lockdown. The level of freedom you may have surely depends on which state you live in, but one thing is for sure and that is we all need to continue to practice social distancing to help flatten the curve. If you are allowed out to go for walks and such, then good for you! If you were given a stay at home order, you may need to get a bit creative on your fitness programs to stay fit. But, it’s completely possible for us men to not only lose weight, but also tone up at home.

No Gym = No Problem

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You may be used to going to the gym every day, but whilst they’re closed, you can find lots of personal training workouts to do at home. The easiest way to find workouts? Download apps on your smartphone, such as the 30 Day Fitness Challenge and find things like cardio workouts for men, along with many other types of workouts and tips. This time there isn’t much of an excuse, you don’t need a big space either! Just rearrange some furniture, get your Gym Rubber Flooring mats ready, and start your workout routine. It’s crucial during these days at home to stay active while at home. Experts say working out is good for your mental health as well, which is extremely important when dealing with this situation, as it’s not normal for anybody. Because some gyms are still closed during this time, you can stream workouts and routines that you can follow at instead. You also want to be careful because staying inactive for such a long amount of time can lead to curbed metabolism, loss of muscle, along with many other side effects. If you are someone that needs their phone and an app to regulate your meditation and in case it gets damaged know How To Save A Water-Damaged iPhone?

Portion Control

When you are at home and feeling bored, it’s easy to find yourself wandering into the kitchen for another snack. Remember that it’s now more important than ever to resist the urge. Plan out your meals each day and try to eat smaller portions more often (six smaller meals instead of three big feasts). Stick to lean foods with protein, such as chicken, and if you do need a snack, then opt for an apple or some vegetables. Practicing portion control can also lead to better blood sugar levels. When you eat a large portion of food, your glucose levels increase rather quickly. When your bloodstream is full of glucose, your pancreases releases insulin to move the glucose into your cells. Therefore, your pancrease will produce too much insulin leading to low blood sugar and your brain is tricked into thinking you need more glucose. The “hungar” then sets in and can be avoided by eating small, frequent meals. You should also read this Leptitox reviews and buy a supplement which actually works.

Eating smaller portions can also lessen your cravings and help reduce your calorie intake overall. Eating slowly will also be helpful, everything in doses. Eating smaller portions and slowly also allows your body to use the food you eat for energy immediately, instead of storing excess as fat. Daily intake of supplements like Revitaa pro can also help you lose weight naturally.


You need to keep to a good routine whilst at home and maintain a regular sleeping pattern, especially now as sleep helps boost your immune system. Adults need around 7-8 hours sleep a night to stay fit and healthy. A good sleep will recharge your batteries and enable you to complete your exercise regime at home. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. If you feel the need to nap during the day, then you can, but stick to just 30 minutes.

Unfortunately, being in quarantine conditions can affect your sleeping habits and its important you develop a good routine. Staying at home for an uncertain period of time can create a list of things that can put a healthy nights rest at jepordy. For example, lack of sunlight helps regulate the ciracian system, so try to get as much sun as you can from your balcony, terrace, or opened window. Worrying is something natural during this period, as we are all worried for our health and our loved ones. You can experience during these nights difficulties falling asleep or bad dreams, one way to avoid those is to turn your phone off 1 hour before bed!

Lastly, make sure you leave your bedroom as only a bedroom. Don’t turn it into a place of leisure or a workspace.

Exercise Your Mind

How to Stay Fit Mind At Home

It’s not just your body that you need to exercise. Challenge yourself mentally every day and this will help to relieve boredom and keep your brain sharp. Most newspapers have crosswords or sudoku puzzles in them, so complete these once a day. There are also lots of brain training apps to download that have daily puzzles or challenges, or you could simply watch a quiz show and try to answer the questions.

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During this time at home, try to broaden your horizons. You could tour one of the many online museums, learn a new language (or at least the basic parts of it), or take an online course on a topic you’ve always been interested in.



The current situation could be causing you some form of anxiety. Good thing meditation can control your anxiety, its proven to lower your stress levels just after 4 weeks of regular practice. Taking some time each day to meditate and control your breathing will help to reduce your stress levels immensely. Find an empty room, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing, whilst clearing your mind of thoughts.

Certain forms of meditation can promote emotional health as well. They can provide an improved self-reflection and an increased positive outlook on life (crucial during this period too). In a recent study, those who meditated displayed noticeable changes in activity related to positive thinking, physical activity and optimism.

All of these activities can be completed at home and will help you to create a structure to your day. This will reduce your boredom, keep your stress levels down, and make the time pass more quickly! Above all, stay strong, stay safe, and stay at home as everything is going to pass and life will get better.

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