mark krasner

Mark Krasner

Mark is an avid writer, fitness enthusiast, and digital marketing professional living in West Hollywood. Having studied psychology and cognitive science in school, his love for researching and writing on mental health topics compelled him to create The Authentic Gay with his partner, Beatus. When he is not engaging in the creation of digital content, you can find him hiking with Beatus and their two dogs, Kanye and Pig.

beatus hoang

Beatus Hoang

Beatus is an exotic cuisine connoisseur, beauty enthusiast, and digital marketing professional who also lives in West Hollywood. He is the creative mastermind behind TAG’s responsive design and user experience. With a background in acting and performance, Beatus contributes a flavor of fun and sassiness to much of the content housed on The Authentic Gay. When he is not doing crazy SEO stuff, you can find him dancing with no pants on, or collecting gourmet soy candles.

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