Month: February 2017

10 Simple Tips for Clean Eating

Ever heard the saying “abs are made in the kitchen?” Most nutritionists and trainers agree that a healthy diet is crucial to muscle development and avoiding weight gain in the form of body fat. Additionally, clean eating has other invaluable benefits that aid in maintaining clear skin, increasing energy levels throughout the day, and providing nutrients to internal organs and bones that will help us stay fit as we grow older. However, clean eating isn’t the easiest thing to maintain on a daily basis as we go about our busy days, and we often sacrifice the opportunity for a...

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10 Ways to Remain Sane During Trump’s Presidency

Ever since January 20th it seems like every day we wake up to a slew of unprecedented infringements on personal rights coming out of the white house. I’ve found it difficult, and quite frankly depressing, to listen to my normal NPR programs during my work commutes as nowadays they only consist of the widespread anxiety of people potentially losing health coverage, the debate over the real economic burden (and sheer idiocracy) of Trump’s wall project, refugees from camps in Kenya who have waited decades to find safe haven in the U.S. being denied entry…the list goes on and on....

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