Month: January 2018

20 Best Gifts for Men Who Have Everything

What do you buy a guy who already has everything? To be honest, I’m not exactly sure because I don’t personally know Jeff Bezos, or any guy that actually has the ability to acquire anything he wants. I guess the better question is, “What are the best gifts that guys probably wouldn’t get themselves?” You know, those super thoughtful gifts that they probably 1) have never heard of, or 2) didn’t think they needed it (hint, hint: Crest White Stripes). I put together this very special list and can recommend every single one of these exceptional products because I...

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15 Good Fats to Eat

Fat has unfairly received a bad rap in recent years. As with nearly every other aspect of life, applying a general rule to all components of a food group can be erroneous. That is the case when it comes to fat. Not all fat is bad for you. In fact, some fat, especially certain types of fat, can actually enhance your overall health. This article will distinguish between good and bad fats, provide 15 foods containing healthy fats to include in a regular diet, and to point to some really bad fats to avoid. What Are Healthy Fats? In...

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How Many Hours of Sleep Do I Need?

Many have heard or used the old adage, “you can sleep when you’re dead.” A lack of sleep can move a person more rapidly toward that final end. Sleep is an essential element of proper physical and mental functioning, and deserves as much attention as a great diet and exercise. This article will demonstrate the importance of sleep, what happens to you if you don’t get enough of it, the amount of sleep a person needs, as well as how to better achieve restful sleep on a regular basis. Why Is Sleep Important? Sleep plays one of the most...

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