What are the Health Benefits of CBD?

what are the health benefits of cbd?

CBD has many potential benefits that have been discovered through scientific experiments and research. On top of that, users are attesting to its positive effects on their overall health. With the rise in popularity of CBD products and other items that include it as a key ingredient, many people can enjoy its positive effects and versatility. It may be a substantial help to those suffering from pain, behavioral and neurological disorders, and some severe diseases. Specialists are considering CBD as an alternative treatment – it is, therefore, worth considering if you are looking for a natural addition to your medical regimen. Here are nine potential health benefits of CBD.

1. Anti-Seizure

CBD has shown some evidence of treating childhood epilepsy. To date, it is one of the main ingredients of Epidiolex, the only FDA-approved medication containing cannabidiol for children with Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. With the options for oral or topical, how should I take CBD? CBD has, in some circumstances, been reported as reducing the number of seizures experienced or prevented entirely. As well as clinical research, there is a substantial amount of anecdotal data from patients and caregivers regarding the benefits of CBD products to help manage seizures.

cbd for pain relief

2. Relieves Pain

Marijuana that contains CBD has been known as a pain reliever since 2900BC. It influences the endocannabinoid system, or ECS, responsible for regulating the immune system response, sleep, appetite, and pain. CBD disrupts the endocannabinoid receptors in the body, which reduces pain and inflammation.

CBD has shown some evidence of reducing pain found in specific conditions. In fact, an oral spray called Sativex contains CBD and is approved in several countries to treat pain associated with multiple sclerosis. Sativex is also used by rheumatoid arthritis patients, to find the best cbd oil for pain just visit the link.

Make sure to thoroughly research the effectiveness of CBD products if you’re considering trying them. There are several online retailers that offer ethically-sourced cannabidiol products that are non-GMO, with natural ingredients that can prevent pain and promote overall wellness.

3. Contributes To The Fight Against Cancer

A 2012 review concluded that CBD has the potential to stop the growth and spread of cancer. Leukemia cells exposed to CBD underwent apoptosis or cellular death. There has also been evidence to show that CBD can prevent pain and inflammation in some cancer patients.

There’s also a 2020 review that discusses making CBD a component of chemotherapy drugs to improve the body’s response to cancer treatments. Chemotherapy is known to kill both good and cancerous cells. Used in combination with CBD, patients may be able to reduce some of the harmful consequences of chemotherapy.

cbd for stress relief

4. Stress, Depression And Anxiety Reliever

When you’ve had a long day at work or wound up from physical training, CBD can help ease the stress you feel. It has a calming effect without making you high. An animal study on generalized anxiety disorder provided evidence that exposure to CBD can reduce stress and anxiety symptoms by decreasing heart rate.

Because CBD relieves stress, it also lessens depression as it positively influences the serotonin levels of the brain, thus improving the user’s mood. Soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome have also reported beneficial effects of some CBD tinctures.

5. Helps Recovery From Addiction

In a 2015 review published in Substance Abuse, research demonstrated that CBD had reduced the drug-seeking behaviors of a number of people addicted to methamphetamines and cocaine. The University of Montreal concluded that it also had potential benefits in the treatment of addiction to other types of psychostimulant drugs.

Using CBD also eases tobacco dependency, meaning that it can help reduce addiction to smoking while protecting the user from neurotoxicity and stress. While some studies are only partially concluded, scientists are eyeing CBD as a possible treatment for substance abuse.

cbd for sleep disorder

6. Treats Sleep Disorders

If you’re suffering from sleep deprivation, CBD may help improve sleep. During an experiment, 66.7% of participants experienced an improvement in sleep quality after taking CBD. At 300mg, CBD is unlikely to affect sleeping patterns overall.

The study, published in The Permanente Journal, involved 72 adults with a mix of anxiety and poor sleep. Subjects took 25mg of capsulated CBD, which improved sleep quality of 66% of the participants. While some results fluctuated, CBD can ease sleep difficulty, thus improving sleep-wake cycles of users.

7. Improves Heart Health And Blood Pressure

Stress and anxiety can affect the heart and blood pressure. CBD can minimize resting systolic blood pressure and the likelihood of stroke of those exposed to stress. Because of its properties that lower anxiety, it may also prevent heart-related diseases with regular use. A published study by the American Society for Clinical Investigation has backed its anti-inflammatory capabilities, which can have a positive effect on cardiovascular health in some patients.

cbd for bone fracture

8. Heals Bone Fractures

CBD also has properties that may help treat bone injuries. Research has shown that the compound can help to regulate bone mass and enhance the body’s natural healing properties. CBD strongly influences bones’ healing by stimulating the osteoblast, cells that form new bones with collagen by cross-linking enzymes.

cbd for weight management

9. Aids Weight Management

At the start of a brand-new year, you may be thinking of prioritizing your health. If you want different tactics to lose weight, aside from eating the right food, it may be helpful to look into what CBD can do for you. Although it needs more research, CBD is showing promise with animal studies.

CBD can potentially induce weight loss by improving metabolism and encouraging reduced intake of food. CBD affects the CB1 and CB2 receptors responsible for regulating metabolism. An animal study was conducted where test subjects were injected with CBD. Two doses were given, and the higher doses at 5mg per kg resulted in significant weight reduction.

CBD can also influence the browning of white fat. White fat is stored energy and insulates the body, while brown produces heat by burning calories. Between the two, white fat is hazardous and is associated with diseases such as obesity and diabetes. A CBD study shows that it can influence the browning of white fat.