Live it Up (Ensō Supergreens) Review: My Impressions After 30 Days

Live it Up Super Greens review

I’ve worked hard to get my pre-COVID physique back, but I hit a plateau and couldn’t figure out the cause, whether age, diet, or exercise-related. After trial and error, I eventually ordered Live it Up Super Greens and used it for thirty days.

In my review, I’ll cover my experience drinking Super Greens and how it helped me reach my health and weight loss goals. Ultimately, I’ll show everything you need to know about the greens powder and why I recommend it if you’re in a similar situation.   

Why I Tried Live it Up Super Greens

Live it Up Super Greens review

Despite committing to daily workouts and (mostly) healthy meals this year, I couldn’t shed the last few pounds to meet my target weight goal. Even worse, I began feeling fatigued and bloated on a regular basis, leading me to experiment with various greens powders.

I tried two popular brands, including Athletic Greens and Garden of Life, but found the latter too expensive and didn’t enjoy the flavor of the former. After more research, I ordered Amazing Grass but couldn’t get all the powder to dissolve fully unless I used a blender, which made it less convenient for busy mornings. I’m not saying these are bad greens powders; they just weren’t right for me. 

I almost gave up on the idea of greens powders until I talked with a colleague who used Live it Up. I was skeptical, considering my experiences with the other brands, but she offered to give me a few scoops of Super Greens to try. I had a positive trial run with no flavor or texture issues for the few servings I tried, so I placed an order to see how it works after consistent use.  

The Bottom Line

Live it Up Super Greens helped me reach my weight loss goal and practically eliminated the gut and energy issues I developed. The effects weren’t immediate, but within weeks of my first glass, Live it Up Super Greens got me back to feeling my best. 

Live it Up Super Greens

My 30-Day Journey with Live it Up Super Greens

To give you a complete picture of what to expect with Live it Up Super Greens, I’ve recapped my entire experience with the greens powder, from my first impressions to the health effects I noticed. Here’s what happened: 

First Impressions

My first Live it Up Super Greens order arrived on time within a few business days. The packaging matched the photos on Live it Up’s website with clear instructions and nutritional information listed on the back. 

The pouch contains 30 servings yet only weighs 8.5 ounces. Although I wish Live it Up offered travel packs like AG1, Super Greens is small enough to carry in a bag on the go, plus it has a resealable tab to keep it fresh and prevent messes. 

Preparation, Texture, and Taste

The following morning, I tore it open and made my first glass using the provided measuring cup in the pouch. I mixed the powder with about ten ounces of water and quickly achieved a smooth, frothy, and clump-free texture. Live it Up doesn’t specify how much liquid to use, but I’ve found that anything over eight ounces, whether water, juice, or milk, typically does the trick. 

Even with plain tap water, I’m a huge fan of how Super Greens tastes. It’s not bursting with flavor, but the blend has a slightly sweet and minty taste that mostly masks the green ingredients. What is even more impressive is that Super Greens tastes as good as it does despite containing no sugar, artificial sweeteners, or additives. 

Health Effects I Experienced

I continued to prepare a glass of Super Greens every morning but didn’t feel any significant changes in my health for the first several days. However, after consistent effort, I began to notice improvements in my gut health, weight, and daily energy levels. Below, I’ll explain the main health effects I experienced in greater detail: 

Sustained Energy Levels

I’ve been an avid coffee drinker for most of my life and have only increased my caffeine tolerance as I’ve gotten older. As the years have passed, I’ve felt more sluggish and devoid of energy, requiring me to stimulate my senses with even more cups of coffee to get my day going. 

While I can’t say Super Greens is a direct replacement for caffeine (it’s caffeine-free), it certainly helps me maintain my energy late into the day when I usually would begin to crash. It’s not a powerful effect like you would expect out of a shot of espresso, yet it’s noticeable when the caffeine wears off, and I need to stay focused. 

I personally believe the increase in vitamins, specifically B vitamins, made the difference for me. I didn’t always get the proper amounts in my daily diet, but now that I’m consistently meeting my vitamin and mineral goals, my body doesn’t feel as sluggish as it did before I started using Super Greens.

Weight Loss Support

I followed my existing diet and exercise routine to determine whether Super Greens could make an impact by itself or if there was something else I needed to address. After drinking Super Greens daily for two weeks, I began to see my weight trend in the right direction, although gradually. 

I dropped almost two pounds after sixteen days, which was the most progress I had made in months. I felt encouraged and continued to see positive results as the weeks passed, and eventually, I met my target weight goal just under six weeks after starting Super Greens. 

Although I can’t pinpoint exactly how Super Greens prompted this improvement nor promise it’ll do the same for you, I’m confident its digestive-supporting properties and hearty dose of nutrients played a significant role in my weight loss plan and supporting my metabolism. I still use Super Greens daily to maintain my physique, digestive health, and energy. 

Balanced Digestive Health

When I started feeling bloated practically every morning, I tried to increase my fiber intake but saw little improvement. It took hours into the afternoon before I felt normal, and the next day, I faced the same stomach discomfort. 

Live it Up Super Greens didn’t make a difference immediately, but once I consistently gave my body the probiotics and digestive enzymes included in the blend, I started having fewer occurrences of stomach discomfort and GI issues in the morning. 

The bloating symptoms nearly disappeared after three weeks, and now, I can count on waking up to a happy gut virtually every morning. While I still occasionally feel bloated, it’s usually because of something I can control, like if I consume too much salt or carbs the day before. But when I’m on top of my diet and workout routine, Super Greens helps me stay regular and avoid bloating. 

How to Maximize the Potential Benefits of Live it Up Super Greens

Since becoming a regular Live it Up Super Greens user, I’ve discovered a few tips to maximize its possible benefits. While you should listen to your body and adjust as you see fit, here’s what I learned based on my experience: 

When to Drink

Live it Up Super Greens has no caffeine, so I can’t say there’s necessarily a “wrong” time to drink it. However, I get the best results when I have Super Greens in the morning, usually within two hours after waking up. 

After I have my post-workout breakfast (usually a protein shake or an omelet), I prepare a glass of Super Greens and drink it as I start my workday. I’ve found this morning routine yields the best energy effects for me, but I’ve still had positive results when I’ve had Super Greens later in the day, though not quite as good. 

How to Use

Live it Up Super Greens is a versatile greens powder that mixes well with liquids you likely already have. I normally mix a scoop (two teaspoons) of Super Greens with water because of the convenience, but it also pairs with fruit juice, yogurt, oatmeal, smoothies, or your favorite milk (I’ve personally had great results with oat milk). 

You can use the included measuring cup or portion the dose yourself, but I recommend adding more liquid if you use over one scoop. Additionally, ensure you mix Super Greens with flavors that match its sweet and minty taste, as it doesn’t make the best addition to savory dishes or soups, in my opinion. 


Super Greens is designed to be consumed once per day, which is how I’ve used it since receiving my first batch. I haven’t felt the need to consume Super Greens more often, although it might make sense if you have greater nutrient intake requirements. Still, consulting your doctor or a dietitian is the best way to determine the proper frequency for your lifestyle. 

Similarly, Super Greens (or any dietary supplement for that matter) isn’t a direct replacement for whole foods, so it’s essential to use it in combination with other healthy lifestyle habits, like a proper diet and regular exercise, to get the best effects. 

Live it Up Super Greens ingredients

My Favorite Ingredients in Live it Up Supergreens

Before I settled on Live it Up Supergreens, I carefully researched its formula to ensure it had everything I wanted. Below, I break down the top ingredients that stood out and made Super Greens a worthy greens powder contender for my routine: 

  • Probiotics: This component may support weight loss efforts by nourishing the gut microbiome, which can help maintain appetite, digestive health, metabolism, and immunity. 
  • Digestive enzyme complex: Enzymes can help the body absorb nutrients and process food, which may naturally support healthy metabolism and facilitate digestive balance. 
  • Unique superfoods: Live it Up Super Greens contains special superfood ingredients I never knew existed, like spirulina, alfalfa leaf, and chlorella, which can support overall health and wellness, according to recent medical studies. 
  • Leafy greens: Super Greens still has household vegetables like kale and spinach, making it easier to reap all the potential nutritional benefits of these powerful greens than buying and preparing fresh produce. 
  • Lack of artificial additives, sweeteners, and sugar: Despite the abundance of healthy ingredients, Super Greens doesn’t rely on synthetic components like stevia to enhance the flavor, ensuring you only provide your body with all-natural components. 

Make no mistake: Live it Up Super Greens isn’t the only greens powder brand with these ingredients. However, considering the cost per serving, taste, convenience, and sourcing methods, I couldn’t find a brand that matches Live it Up Super Greens’ quality. 

The Verdict on Live it Up Super Greens

Overall, my thirty days with Live it Up Super Greens were transformative. To recap my review, here’s a breakdown of what I liked, what could be better, and my main takeaways for anyone on the fence. 

What I Liked:

  • Easy to incorporate into my daily routine, takes seconds to prepare
  • Has a great taste and mixes well with all the liquids I’ve tried
  • Helped me reach my weight loss goals
  • Regulates my digestive health and daily energy levels
  • Convenient monthly subscription and reliable delivery speeds

What Could Be Better:

  • No single-serving travel packs 
  • Only offered on Live it Up’s website

My Takeaway:

I had doubts about greens powders after trying a few brands, but Live it Up Super Greens proved me wrong. It played a significant role in reaching my fitness goals, minimizing bloating, and improving my daily energy levels. While your experience can vary, I recommend trying Super Greens if you’re in a similar position and want to round out your daily nutrition intake. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Live it Up Super Greens

Still have inquiries or concerns about Live it Up Super Greens? Below, I’ve answered a few questions that new Super Greens customers tend to ask.

Is Live it Up Super Greens legit?

Based on my experience, Live it Up Super Greens is a legitimate and reliable product. It includes nutrient-packed ingredients that are third-party tested for quality, and it helped me lose weight, reduce bloating, and feel more energized throughout the day. Still, it’s worth noting your experience can differ from mine, so consider speaking with a doctor to determine if it’s right for you.  

How much does Live it Up Super Greens cost?

Live it Up Super Greens starts at $59.99 for a one-time purchase or $39.99 for subscribers. Live it Up subscribers can also opt for 60 servings/month for $69.99 (compared to $119.99 if purchased as a one-time equivalent). All orders qualify for free shipping (with or without a subscription) and come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Where to buy Live it Up Super Greens? 

Live it Up only sells Super Greens on its website. While I originally had reservations, I’ve yet to encounter an issue with my monthly subscriptions and received all my orders on time as expected.