Hello Fall: 5 Outdoor Fitness Ideas

outdoor fitness

The transitional season offers us a nice break from that unbearable saboteur in the form of heat and for the time being, the cold winds are kept at bay. An outdoor environment, with the fresh air, sunlight, and soothing nature, is an incredible playground for your mind, body, and soul. Moreover, there’s a variety of quick and effective outdoor workouts, everyday activities, and sports that will help you get on the fast track to physical greatness. So, let the crisp air and beautiful foliage motivate you. Take these outdoor fitness ideas and get moving!

buddy sprints

1. Outdoor Buddy Sprints

Grab a friend or a partner because it’s time to engage in fall buddy sprints. It is always more fun in pairs you know. You just have to find a track, park, field or any other outdoor area with around 100 meters for back and forth running. Start on the opposite ends and sprint towards one another. Once a buddy reaches the finish line the other one has to sprint across and back. These short bursts of activity improve your endurance, lower body strength, and aerobic capacity.

bodyweight workout

2. Bodyweight workout

This type of outdoor workout always does the trick. Namely, it is possible to do strength-based exercises virtually anywhere, even in a crowded city, and without any equipment. The only thing you need is the determination to cram as many exercise sets into 20 minutes as you can. The common exercises are pushups, squat jumps, triceps dips, lunge jumps, and hip bridges.

3. Outdoor Boot Camp

Those who need a little push in order to step into fitness should consider a boot camp. Basically, it is the equivalent of paying a personal trainer, but only for a fraction of a price. You have other people to socialize with and they can really encourage you to step up. It helps that there are various types of boot camps and that the sessions take place in different locations across the city, oftentimes in outdoor settings that involve obstacle courses. Throw on some trendy workout gear if you’re feeling extra saucy.


4. Street Rollerblading

If you think the rollerblades have fallen out of fashion, think again. You have an opportunity to get away from the treadmill, get outside and enjoy some fresh air, dig your good old skates from the closet, and get the show on the road. If you have a plan to start running workout but there’s no athletics track near you, a rollerblading is an excellent way to alter conventional exercise programs and make things interesting. It is not only loads of fun, but also provides great health benefits. You will be able to increase muscular endurance, manage your weight, and reap all the benefits of low-impact cardio.


5. Kayaking

As an aerobic activity, kayaking fits perfectly in any training regimen. It is also a great leisure and adventure endeavor as well as a low-impact sport with a slew of health benefits. Of course, it may require a bit of practice and extra training, but once you get the ball rolling, you can burn calories, melt away the stress, develop upper body strength, tone your legs, boost cardiovascular health, and meet plenty of new people.

sexy man forest

Sky’s the limit

The fall season is not the time to fall out of the fitness wagon. Instead, you should make an effort to get inspired and active. There are all kinds of workout you can perform under the eternal blue sky. Besides, outdoor exercise is associated with unique benefits in terms of motivation, health, and well-being. Whatever floats your boat, do not miss a chance to get your blood pumping and get into shape. The great outdoors await you so embrace it as your ultimate gym, a frontier of endless possibilities.

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