Here’s How to Host a Winning Super Bowl Party

how to host a super bowl party

It seems like summer was here a minute ago and now we’re in the full swing of another football season. Time flies!

By the same token, February 2, 2020, and the NFL’s biggest moment of the year is just around the corner– so it’s not too early to begin planning your epic Super Bowl party and look where to rent a marquee. And we’re here to help. We have the nuts and bolts of Super Bowl planning covered for you, from nailing that just-right guest list, procuring fabulous food and drinks, and putting together a memorable theme.

While the Miami Super Bowl LIV odds experts are picking the Patriots, Chiefs, and Saints as likely winners on the field, there will be no doubt among your crew that you are the deserving winner of the best party planner ever!

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Super Guests = Super Party

how to host a super bowl party

The success of your big party depends on having the right mix of people. Planning the guest list well in advance presents several benefits .

Getting a headcount is the first order of business. You’ll need this information to plan food, drinks, activities, and the size of the space required to watch the game. Decide how many people you can realistically entertain and stick to the number. Make sure everyone on the guest list is a good fit. Who among your friends and family do you want to have at the party? Who will get along well and contribute good vibes? Not to sound harsh but this is the time to weed out the troublemakers and sad saps.

Once you’ve finalized the guest list, it’s time to send party invites. You can go old school with snail mail invites, send an email or group text with the details. Facebook events also work great for organizing parties.

Just make sure guests RSVP so you can adjust your party planning accordingly.

The Food and Drink Playbook

super bowl food ideas

No Super Bowl party is complete without yummy eats and beverages. Now that you know how many people will be at the party, you can decide on the menu and quantity of food and drinks.

Use this time to decide whether you want to go the takeout/catered route or cook for the crew yourself.

There’s nothing wrong with the classic football menu–pizza and wings delivered from your favorite local joint. It’s convenient, fast, and cleanup is a breeze. A nice spread from a professional caterer elevates the affair. If you can place your order before the day of the party, we highly recommend that you do it! Many restaurants and caterers get super busy on Super Bowl Sunday.

If you’re culinarily-inclined and decide to make food for the party, review your recipes and square away the menu a week or so beforehand. This will give you plenty of time to shop and make sure you have everything you need on hand. A quick Google search for “Super Bowl party recipes” will give you tons of inspiration for the menu if you need ideas.

Another option is “outsourcing” the food and drink to guests by going potluck style. Have each guest bring a shareable dish and their choice of beverage. As a good host, it’s your job to also contribute a dish to the cause.

We suggest having a variety of drinks available for your guests. Beer is always a football staple, and increasingly, so is wine. Feel free to get creative with cocktails. Your tee-totaling guests may prefer juice, soda, or water.

Score Big with Themed Decorations


Parties don’t have to have themes, but memorable ones often do.

Why not put your Super Bowl party in the memorable category with a fun theme and decorations that enhance the atmosphere? Your local party store will likely have a Super Bowl section with football-themed decorations. If you’re planning on having games and prizes, we have the perfect gift ideas for sports lovers to really impress your guests!

Of course, you don’t have to stay in the big game wheelhouse. Get creative and infuse your personality with the party theme. A ‘70s-themed disco Super Bowl? Why not! Toga party and football? We’re there with cheese dip! And since Jennifer Lopez is performing at the Super Bowl, we’re personally going to have a J-Lo themed Super Bowl party!