How To Protect Your Sexual Health During (and After) COVID-19

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Even as mandatory mask guidelines are no longer required and six-foot physical distance no longer the norm, one can’t help wonder if sex is finally safe again. Simply put–it can be. However, anyone who takes part in any sexual activity should know that there’s a certain degree of risk involved. Nevertheless, the good thing is you can still connect intimately with others as long as preventive measures are followed.

In the midst of the pandemic, consensual sex can relieve stress and provide pleasure. The collection of these sex guides say that sexual activities can help people relax and express one’s emotion and sexuality. However, one needs to avoid the spread of COVID-19 when having sex with someone. 

To help you out, here are some ways to protect your sexual health during the pandemic: 

Avoid Or Limit Having Sex With People Outside Of Your Household 

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Close contact with people outside your household, including sex, should be limited. If you want to have sex with someone outside your home or household bubble, have as few partners as possible and choose partners you trust. Also, discuss COVID-19 and its risks the same way you discuss consent, PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis), safe sex methods, condoms, and other topics that revolve around sexual safety.

If you’re planning to have sex with people outside your household, these are the preventive measures you need to apply: 

  • It’s always essential to ask your partners if they’re exhibiting any symptoms of the Covid-19 and if they’ve been exposed to anyone who’s a carrier of the said virus.
  • Don’t have sex with individuals who are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.
  • If your sex partner has a health ailment that increases the risk of getting COVID-19, then you might want to reconsider or avoid having sex with them at this time.

Take Extra Care When Having Sex With Your Partner

During this coronavirus outbreak, consent is required more than ever in any sexual activity. For instance, gay people engaging in sex during this pandemic should still take heed of safety measures. This rule applies every time, and it doesn’t matter if you already had sex before, in a relationship, or even married. Your partner’s decision around sex must be respected, especially if they’re unwilling to engage due to the fear of the virus. 

Here are some essential things you need to know about sex during these trying times:

  • If you love both anal and oral sex, take note that the virus may spread when the mouth touches the anus, which is called rimming in sexual terms. A study shows that the virus had been found from the stool of COVID-19 positive patients, especially those who suffered from diarrhea or abdominal pain as their symptoms.
  • According to the CDC, COVID-19 can also be accelerated by heavy breathing and panting, so it’s important to ensure that both of you are tested negative before engaging in this intimate activity.
  • Ensure that your partner hasn’t traveled to areas, cities, or towns where the virus is rampant.
  • Take care when touching each other. Masturbating is also a great alternative to sexual activity with a partner.
  • A dental dam or condom can prevent the spread of the virus when performing oral sex since one’s saliva will be contained. As mentioned, it’s possible that the virus can be transmitted through sex. Fortunately, using condoms during vaginal and anal sex may help prevent this.
  • Your hands should be washed with soap and water or take a shower before and after sex.
  • Before having sex with your partner, ensure that they don’t exhibit any symptoms of the virus.

Apply The Following Tips After Having Sex

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Taking precautions isn’t only necessary before having sex. After you and your partner are done being intimate, you must also do your part to ensure that both of you will remain safe and healthy in the coming days.

Here are some tips you need to consider after having sex:

  • After and before sex, you should wash your sex toys, if you have any, and yourself with soap and water. Also, don’t share your toys with anyone. Take note that hand sanitizer shouldn’t be applied to toys or your genitalia.
  • Check your symptoms carefully for COVID-19 and get tested as soon as you feel like you’re feeling any of the symptoms.
  • Consider taking extra precautions when interacting with elderly or immune-compromised people when you’ve been physically intimate with someone living outside your household. 


Being protected, healthy, and safe in your sexual life are all important with or without the issues associated with COVID-19. However, nowadays, people have to take extra caution about their sexual health because the coronavirus can spread so quickly, primarily through intimacy and close body contact.

Hopefully, this article has enlightened you on what to do, how to avoid, and how to take proper care when having sex in these uncertain times.