What Can I Do About Hair Loss?

What Can I Do About Hair Loss?

Guys, it’s time to talk about some of the hard hitting issues we face. As men, we often think that we don’t need to discuss the things that bother us. We might all be thinking the same thing, but nobody is saying anything about it. That’s why we want to have a conversation about hair loss. Now, before you run to the mirror to check that hairline (or lack of one), let’s explain exactly what hair loss is.

Hair loss is much different than having a bad hair day or finding a few hairs on your pillow. For some men this might begin appearing with the presence of a receding hairline or thinning patches of hair located anywhere on the head. Symptoms of hair loss can vary and by determining what symptoms are affecting you, you’ll be able to narrow down a treatment plan specifically for you. If you’re struggling with hair loss or thinning, having a hair restoration staten island might be the solution to your problem. So, how do you determine if you are just having a bad hair day or actually experiencing hair loss? Here are a few common signs and symptoms, you might want to check hair loss geeks website, there you will find hair care products to help grow it.

Signs and Symptoms:

signs of hair loss

Thinning On Top of the Head

This is the most common type of hair loss in males. Typically, hair begins thinning on the top of the forehead and may start to appear in more of an “M” shape. This is often referred to as a “widow’s peak.”

Circular or Bald Spots

Located usually at the back of the head, bald spots begin to gradually appear. Men might start to experience an itchy or painful sensation before their hair begins to fall out. This can also happen with your eyebrows as well as your beard.

Sudden Loss of Hair

For some men, hair loss isn’t a gradual change. They may experience a loss of hair that is unexpected and due to an emotional or physical shock.

Now you might be thinking, “I know I am losing my hair, but what can I do about it?” First and foremost, it’s important to understand why you are experiencing hair loss. From the shampoo that you are using to the genetics you are born with, there are many factors that contribute to hair loss.

Causes of Hair Loss:

causes of hair loss


For some men, hair loss is expected. They have seen hair loss firsthand in one or more members of their family. This hereditary hair loss condition is often referred to as, “male-pattern baldness.” Over time, men begin to experience a hairline that is receding or patches of hair thinning.

A Stressful Event

Did you just change jobs? Perhaps you’re experiencing a difficulty in your personal life? No matter what is going on, stress can contribute to the loss of your hair. Stress produces the hormone, cortisol, which can influence the function of hair growth. Typically, this hair loss is temporary just as this stress in your life.

Medication, Supplements, or Radiation

For some men, a change in medication or supplements can affect the growth of your hair. It’s important to inform your doctor of these side effects to make see if there are an alternative options that may be available. Men going through chemotherapy or various treatments that use radiation, will experience hair loss. If hair does grow back, it might not be in the same pattern.

Hairstyles or Treatments

Hairstyles that are typically tighter, or frequently styling your hair may contribute to the decreased growth of your hair. The products that you use to wash as well as style your hair can also play a role in your hair’s health (like wearing a hat).

Think about what factors in your life that might be contributing to your hair loss. It’s important to consult with a professional about symptoms you have experienced as well as what ideas you think might be contributing to your hair loss. This will help them formulate a plan of treatment as well as offer suggestions for keeping your hair full and healthy.

You might be thinking, what can I do about my hair loss? Is there anything that I can do? For most men, the answer is yes! The best way you can prevent hair loss is by doing something about your hair while you still have it! Before consulting with a medical professional, look at various options that you might think be right for you.

Treatment and Options:

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Shampoo and Hair Care

Start by looking at what shampoo you are using as well as your hair care routine. When shopping for shampoo, know what ingredients should not be in your shampoo. More times than not, shampoos are filled with parabens, synthetic colors, and other ingredients that can contribute to your hair loss. These ingredients can hinder the creation of natural oils in your hair and ultimately contribute to the prevention of hair growth. Your hair routine contributes to the health and growth of your hair. Excessive heat from blow dryers, thick and perfumed hair products, and the amount of times you wash your hair can all be contributors to thinning hair. Depending on your hair type, how often you wash your hair can vary. Typically, you want to wash your hair every 2 to 3 days. This allows your hair to develop natural oils that are healthy for your scalp. For men that are active or frequent gym visitors, rinse your hair more often than you wash it. If you are desperate to wash your hair, consider a dry shampoo or an all-natural shampoo.

Vitamins and Serums

Approach your hair loss before it begins. We have all heard of taking natural vitamins as a daily supplement can benefit hair growth. As more and more men become comfortable dealing with their hair loss, more solutions are becoming available. Rather than just choosing a daily vitamin or shampoo, consider a complete hair kit for targeting all of your hair needs. These hair kits often include products like hair stress leave in treatment to stop hair loss, encourage the growth of new hair, and keep your current hair looking full and healthy. If you’re thinking about choosing a vitamin or serum, make sure you do you research and choose a product that is safe and well researched. McDaid’s pharmacy is a great online pharmacy where you can find tons of hair care and skin care products for men.

Visit a Medical Professional

Dealing with hair loss is hard and it’s never a bad idea to seek out the assistance of a medical professional. If you start to notice symptoms and signs of hair loss, make an appointment with your doctor to discuss your concerns as well as treatment options. Sudden hair loss can be a sign of an underlying medical issue and it’s important to have these issues addressed as early as possible. A medical professional may see it fit for hair care prescription or alternative hair loss options like PRP hair treatment, click the link to know more about PRP therapy. You may also opt for a hair transplant procedure.

Wear A Hat More Often

You may be unaware that overexposure to the sun’s UV rays can be extremely damaging to thinning hair. This constant exposure can have long term effects on your hair and cause a lose in the hair’s protein. If you are frequently outdoors, put on a hat to prevent these harmful rays.

Do Your Research

Look into possible hair solutions as well as routines on your own. There are plenty of tutorials on hair care and best practices for maintaining your hair. Consult with your hairdresser or barber for their advice. Don’t be afraid to ask for suggestions on products or tips for taking care of your hair.

Relax and Slow Down

For men experiencing hair loss due to stress, it’s important to take the opportunity to slow down and relax. Stress can contribute to hair loss and more importantly you’re overall health. If you are able to, take a vacation or spend time doing a hobby that will help you  relax and refocus. This will help you clear your mind and focus on details that are manageable.

Hair loss is common for males and by the age of 35, two-thirds of men will experience hair loss. Hair loss can have more of an effect on just one’s physical appearance. Individuals can see an increased unhappiness in their interpersonal relationships as well as their professional lives. At what point do you begin to accept hair loss?

After you seeking your various options, look at the benefits of not having hair. In a hair loss study conducted in 2012, men were compared in photos with their hair and without their hair. From the study, they found that men without their hair were perceived nearly an inch taller and 13% stronger. Perhaps that’s why Vin Diesel rocks the bald look?

It might not be your first choice, but consider styling your thinning hair in a different way. This could be the opportunity to try a new look! Continue to put time into your hair care routine but don’t let thinning hair prevent you from experiencing life. Confidence is the best look you can have and ultimately can change the way others perception of you.

Hair loss isn’t the end of the world and it shouldn’t be the way you perceive your happiness. No matter what stage of life you are in, take the time and opportunity to find the most healthy hair routine possible. After a little researching, making small changes to your daily lifestyle can improve the health and appearance of your hair. There are many options for preventing hair loss and encouraging hair growth. Determine what works best for your lifestyle and make a decision that will be benefiting.