Month: November 2016

How To Make Pho: The Authentic Recipe

The Authentic Gay Makes Pho Here at The Authentic Gay, we are big fans of a classic Vietnamese dish known as Pho. This soup is thought to have been invented in northern Vietnam in the early 20th century, and spread around the world by refugees following the Vietnam War. Pho has historically consisted of a bone/meat broth, rice noodles, different cuts of meat, topped with bean sprouts and basil, however many variations exist based on geographic origin. This Pho Recipe should serve as a traditional cornerstone version. Just as Pho makes for a delicious, savory meal, it also has...

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Gay Asians and Potatoes: 5 Responses to The Angry Homosexual

As a white gay man who has never experienced what it is like to be a racial minority, I want to begin by recognizing the frustration that many non-white gay men experience on a daily basis in our community. Whether this is translated through direct racist comments, passive grindr bios that are racially exclusive, or societal western norms that have a tendency to sexualize asian men far less than white men in the media, I understand how damaging these messages can be to entire communities. Even within the gay community where so many of us had to deal with...

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Men for Men: Geosocial Mapping & User Experience

If you are reading this article you probably stumbled upon it by by searching for keyword combinations like “men for men.” A term often coupled with actions such as “looking,” this phrase is often characterized by men who are seeking other men for sex, however it could also describe men who are looking for dates or the company of other men. Nonetheless, individuals who are “men for men” use a variety of tools and apps that serve many functions, from social networking to basic sex. What we find so fascinating about the psychology behind the use of each application...

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Wishes from the Wisdom Tree

On this smoggy, temperate Sunday afternoon, I led by boyfriend and very small dog up the long trek to the Wisdom Tree in Griffith Park. Having endured the transitional period that marked the end of my steady and secure employment at a law firm, to my first week ever working at a tech startup, I was yearning for a much-needed hike to clear my mind. The 3-hour round-trip hike time did not dissuade me from pushing my “team” all the way to the tree, as I kept in mind the reward that lay ahead. The iconic tree located approximately...

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