Month: July 2017

5 Summer Vacation Tips Every Gay Couple Needs to Know

There is an abundance of articles and advice columns on travel. However, these aren’t always very helpful to gay couples and LGBT community in general, because, as we’re all aware of – not all countries are the same and what may work for a straight couple doesn’t work for a gay one. One day we will perhaps live in a perfect world where a travel article will speak to everyone, but for now, we still need to focus on gay couples and their traveling needs and requirements. So, stay tuned and learn how to plan your fun-packed and stress-free...

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5 Skin Treatments Men Are Going Crazy For

As Manhattan dermatologist Michael Eidelman, M.D says, we are now living in the age of “Menaissance”. Men are becoming exponentially drawn to less or more invasive procedures in order to look their best, aside from embracing regular skin regimens usually associated with women – masking, moisturizing, cleansing, exfoliation etc. So, what is the extent of work men are willing to get done for the purpose of looking like their best, but natural-looking self? Stay tuned and find out what some of the latest as well as already famous and long-standing favorite procedures are in demand with the male community....

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What Would A Trump Impeachment Mean For LGBTQ Rights?

This week, the media got its hands on some of the most damning evidence the public has yet seen regarding the Trump administration’s possible collusion with Russian representatives. In connection to reporting by the New York Times, emails between a Russian lawyer and Donald Trump Jr. were released. The emails indicate the lawyer’s connection to the Kremlin, declare Russia’s support for the Trump campaign, and indicate a plot to release compromising information about Hillary Clinton (keeping in mind this exchange happened about a year ago, during the campaign). There is time yet to debate whether or not this defines collusion, and...

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Gay San Francisco’s Shifting Tides

The city of San Francisco has long been held to a premium standard of providing the ultimate gay experience for both men and women who flock west for a new or better life. With what is likely the most politically liberal environment in the United States, paired with a long history of LGBT activism, a plethora of gay men discharged from the U.S. Navy, and a density of gay bars higher than there are Starbucks, this city by the bay earned its title as the “gay capital of the world” long before the HIV/AIDS beginning in the 1980’s. Two...

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How to Stay Fit During Summer in 5 Effective Steps

Summer is upon us people, and with it comes a dreadful heat wave bound to melt the foundation right off your face and dissuade you from maintaining your healthy habits. While it might seem overly enticing to just put your fitness goals on hibernate mode and lounge your summer away sipping cocktails under an AC or better yet, a palm tree, but you don’t want to become a chubby slob during the most festive time of the year! Nope, you want to nurture those hard-earned pecs and a six-pack it took you half a year of blood, sweat and...

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