Month: December 2017

“Stonewall Strong” Powerfully Speaks of Gay Men’s Resilience

John-Manuel Andriote is an established author, journalist, speaker, and one of the longest-term leading reporters on the HIV-AIDS epidemic. In the original piece below, John reflects on several personal experiences that led to his interest in writing about gay men’s resilience. His newest book is called Stonewall Strong, released this past fall. Chicago. Summer 1985. I’m a 26-year-old graduate student at Northwestern University, working on a master’s degree in journalism. I follow the news closely because I aim to become one of the men and women who report it. I subscribe to five newspapers and multiple magazines. The Internet, and digital,...

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Our Favorite Napa Valley Points of Interest

I had lived in the bay area for two years before moving down to Los Angeles for school, and during those years I oddly never made the journey 1.5 hours north to beautiful wine country. My boyfriend and I moved to San Francisco earlier this year and had always talked about planning a weekend trip up to beautiful wine country, but between the craziness of the summer months and the surge of visitors to both Napa and Sonoma during their peak seasons, it was not until November that we were able to set aside time to visit. As many...

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