7 Gym Clothing Mistakes You Should Stop Making


These days, going to the gym is an almost religious experience; you’re engaging faith, commitment and such powerful focus to work that leg press that it often feels you’re there either hoping to see Jesus or because pumping up that calf is your only goal in life. Ooh well, we’ve all got our obsessions and, granted, we all love looking lean, so we’ll leave judgment for some other time (well, not entirely, no) and support you in your focus to look smashing. With workout clothing and gym fashion reaching incredibly stylish levels, it’s kind of embarrassing to look drab as you are working that bicep, don’t you think? No matter how hard you fight it (or you’re just being absolutely clueless), you can’t avoid getting caught up in the obsession to look good while burning all the fat off. With that in mind, we’re listing out seven common style mistakes that you’ll see around the gym and (probably) puke a little in your mouth.

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1. Meggings

No. Man leggings. Leggings for men. Wish we could stop at that argument but to understand it – we do need to elaborate a bit. Meggings are too tight, they show too much and they’re sending a message that you’re completely in love with yourself (which is kind of great IRL but kind of pathetic at the gym).


2. Super Short-Shorts

Super short shorts aren’t to be worn anywhere but the running track and running track only. Please forget all about Esquire tailored short-shorts edition for summer and opt for classic men’s gym clothes like a regular pair of compression leggings. Short dolphin shorts that lack style and, well, substance are of no use to anyone. Plus, no one wants to get surprised with your snake hanging out of the shorts “accidentally”. Gross.

However, for those who have worked hard for your gorgeous assets, we won’t blame you for wearing a pair of sexy booty shorts to the gym.


3. Sweat-Stained T-shirts

A pit-stained T-shirt has become a cultural trope that equals one thing: total slob. Pick up a new three-pack of workout T-shirts as they only look good brand new; you can get them literally anywhere and cheap, so please mind your hygiene properly. FYI, white stains are caused by antiperspirant, not sweat itself. We thought you should know and choose accordingly.


4. Nip Slip Tanks

Come on, dude! Honestly, no need for the nipple action, no matter how massive your pecs are. Scale that tank top up and save some dignity. Guys usually make the mistake of wearing too revealing or too tight gear hoping for their lean physique to get noticed. News flash: we see everything in lose/fitted clothes, too…  not that we want to, though.


5. Jewelry

Gay or not, jewelry for the gym is out of the question. Don’t embarrass yourself by rocking bud earrings, chains or rings while you run and lift. Leave all the glitz and glam for after you’ve stopped sweating and grunting, okay? It’s questionable even then!

6. Makeup

Believe it or not, (some) women aren’t the only people around wearing makeup at the gym… there are guys who do it, too. We understand how frustrating it can be to get all red and irritated with breakouts torturing your pretty face, but you’ll achieve absolutely nothing by trying to cover it up. If anything, you’ll only add to the irritation as sweat and makeup really shouldn’t mix. Plus, would you really want to have makeup melt down your face as you’re working the bench? Hardly.


7. Denim

Luckily, there haven’t been too many cases of denim recorded at the gym, but the fact we’re urging you not to wear it while working out is only adding to the fact that there have been people coming to their workout sessions in jeans. Dear God! Not only is denim too tight and uncomfortable, but it’ll also stick to your body when you start sweating, making things… no, wait – let’s do it this way: never, ever wear denim to the gym. Ok? Good.

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