Pure for Men Review: Does It Really Work?

Pure for men supplements

In another one of our articles, we outline the dangers of douching, and how this practice can be dangerous when done in excess. For those of us who consider ourselves “bottoms” or “versatile,” being constantly mindful of our lower half can feel like a struggle, especially when expected to be able to perform on cue. As healthy, mindful men who want to do our best to take care of our bodies, we are met with the dilemma of meeting the demand to be clean during sex, and knowing that douching daily is probably not a great health practice.

What can we do? Are there any alternatives to douching that are as effective at keeping us clean during anal sex without damaging our bodies?

Fiber supplements have been used for centuries to improve heart health, assist with weight loss efforts, and help people improve their gut health by making “fuller” bowel movements. Having a healthy supply of fiber in one’s diet helps to clump together debris in the digestive tract, making for more complete passes. Although people have known about the benefits of dietary fiber for centuries, most do not consume enough in their daily diet to receive the health benefits it offers. Additionally, not all fiber supplements are created equal. Some offer added benefits like antioxidants and amino acids, while others just offer single-type fiber alone.

Can we rely on a fiber supplement to provide the same consistent cleanliness results we see with douching? Is it possible to remove douching from the equation with a simple daily pill?

Enter: Pure for Men.

pure for men pills

What Is Pure for Men?

This dietary supplement isn’t all that different from other high-grade fiber products. Pure for Men is essentially fiber capsules that contain an optimal mix of special fibrous materials that are designed to make bowel movements more compact and “full.” In theory, this should result in a “clear runway” when bottoming, decreasing the likelihood of messiness or accidents. The bottle comes in bottles of 60 for $14.99, or 120 for $23.74, all available on Amazon Prime.

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What’s Inside Pure for Men?

Like I mentioned above, this supplement isn’t much different from other standard fiber supplements. For example, Carlson (sold at Walgreens) offers a fiber supplement product containing one of the active fibrous materials in Pure for Men called Psyllium for $16.99 per 300-pill bottle. However, Pure for Men contains three types of fiber – Chia, Flaxseed, and Psyllium Husk. Therefore, men who take it receive the added benefit of consuming Chia seed derivatives, such as antioxidants, Omega-3 fatty acids, and lingans. The flaxseed derivatives contained in Pure for Men also provide healthy Omega-3 benefits, which are not always included in most standard generic fiber supplements

My Experience and Pure for Men Review

This product’s marketing targeted me through Facebook advertisements around the time it was first released, and their quirky, fun brand voice captured my interest. As a fully versatile gay, I was also aligned with the annoyance and inconvenience douching before bottoming caused. I was also fully aware of the health concerns associated with excessive douching, but at the time I was not convinced that my needs could be solved with a fiber supplement.

I was surprised at how quickly many of my friends adopted this product and bought Pure for Men to try it out. My boyfriend was one of these early adopters, so naturally I went ahead and helped myself.

Does Pure for Men Really Work?

Pill Size: 

The actual pills are rather large, so if you aren’t used to taking daily Truvada or other pills of comparable size, this might take some getting used to. You are also supposed to take them twice a day, and this can be hard to remember or stay on top of, unless you are already accustomed to taking pills regularly. This was easy for me to remember since I am on Truvada, so I would simply take two Pure for Men capsules every morning. The instructions do not outline when during the day they should be taken, but simply state that 2 or 3 should be consumed each day.


The capsules do not have a distinct smell or taste, fortunately.


The design of the bottle is kind of cute, yet still retains a “masculine” aesthetic – mostly black and dark blue. The instructions tell users to drink plenty of water when taking the supplement as this helps the overall digestive process. I recommend taking that part seriously.

The first day I started taking the pills I felt almost more bloated than normal, and did not go to the bathroom at the frequency I am used to. The active ingredients are supposed to consolidate and help move along the items in your digestive tract, however initially I just felt more full than usual. I was determined to let it run its full course before deciding whether to continue or not, so I decided to give it a few days and let my system get used to the new supplement I was putting into my body.

To be frank without being too graphic or gross, I had far fewer movements during my first two days taking the Pure for Men pills. I also had a lingering feeling of “fullness” that I was not used to at first, however this subsided around the third day. After powering through the first two days of taking the capsules, my movements were more full and solid, leaving me with an “empty” feeling after going to the bathroom, which I think is what the product is intended to do. More importantly, I felt naturally cleaner down there when cleansing myself after going to the bathroom, and I think that is a byproduct of the movements being more consolidated from the psyllium, chia, and flaxseed in the digestive tract. This feeling of being clean and “cleared out” after going to the bathroom was enough by itself for me to continue using it, even without the bonus of being naturally prepped for bottoming.

Was I brave enough to try bottoming without douching after starting these pills? Initially, no. However, when I did proceed to clean out using the traditional douching method, I discovered that I was already completely clean! I eventually started going without douching altogether, and I found that Pure for Men was, on average, just as effective as douching.

However, with all good things in life, there are caveats. Here are some things to keep in mind when deciding to try Pure for Men.

PURE for men suggested use

Pure for Men Pros

  • It is a reasonable and effective substitute for douching, but only under the right “conditions”:
  1. You still can’t eat shitty, greasy foods and expect it to work as it would if you were eating a clean diet
  2. You still must be mindful of timing your movements
  3. You should still clean yourself with soap and water in that general area as you normally would
  • It has added health benefits you get from the flaxseed and chia seed derivatives, such as help with weight loss, heart health, and antioxidants
  • It is way better for your rectal health
  • A 30-day supply is relatively inexpensive, at only $14.99 for 60 capsules (taken twice a day)

Pure for Men Cons

  • The feeling of being unusually “full” during the first few days of use can be weird to get used to
  • You need to take it consistently for it to work
  • If you are not already taking pills on a daily basis, it might be hard for you to remember to take them, which will decrease the likelihood that they will work

All in all, I think it’s pretty easy to say that there is no harm in trying out Pure for Men. It’s relatively cheap, good for your digestive system, and consistently works. Just make sure you are taking it every day for it to be effective, and allow your body a few days to initially adjust to this new supplement you are introducing into your digestive system.

Where Can I Buy Pure for Men?

You can easily buy them on Amazon, and they also qualify for Prime shipping. You can also buy them directly through their website, although I recommend purchasing through Amazon to receive faster shipping.

Click here to view 60-Count Bottle on Amazon

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