10 Tips for Men Who Use Male Extra for Male Enhancement

male enhancements tips

While women have it harder in plenty of aspects in life, men don’t exactly have it easy either. It is mostly because of a certain stereotype that they are expected to fit into in accordance with society’s standards. They are told to keep their emotions in check and always be calm and composed because they are men, and men don’t cry or overshare. This is mostly meaningless nonsense, but a lot of males out there see it as such, and as a result, they bottle down their emotions and end up having a lot of physical and psychological problems because of it.

Those problems start manifesting an eventually reflect on sexual performance, which is quite often affected by the stressors of life and expectations of society, and men have plenty of those on a regular basis. There is no shame in taking male enhancement supplements for those issues, and it is nothing you need to be worried about. It could help you regain your trust in the bedroom and perform much better, even when stressed. One of those supplements is Male Extra, which is one of the most potent supplements out there.

The following 10 tips will help you whenever you decide to use Male Extra.

1. Exercise

Staying active is one of the most important things you need to do in life, generally speaking, sexual prowess aside. Male Extra, like other supplements, will help you maintain your stamina during sexual encounters, and you will be able to perform better than expected, but you can’t just rely on that product on its own. It’s basically the same with protein and amino supplements that athletes use to maximize their performance at the gym; they’re pointless without complementing factors like a healthy diet and a proper exercise regimen.

When you start working out, your cardiovascular health will start improving and your heart muscles will respond to the activity. And that is the most important muscle in all the body, and you need it in excellent shape for anything you do, including sex. This is why it is imperative that you regularly exercise and keep your heart pumping, and in the long run –– and with the help of Male Extra –– you will start noticing a much-improved performance in the bedroom. It is not just your strength that will improve, but also your stamina and your ability to maintain quality erections. The more you exercise and maintain a regular routine of swimming or strength training, the more potent Male Extra will be and the more it’ll help you.

2. Meditate

As mentioned earlier, one of the biggest problems a lot of men have that affects their sexual performance is stress. While Male Extra will act as a supplement and help you perform despite any feelings of stress and exhaustion you may be suffering from, it’d still be best if you tried to get rid of those feelings before using the supplement and engaging in sexual activity. Who likes to have sex when they are feeling anxious, anyway? A great way to help you get there is meditation, which can be quite an effective remedy to your troubles and worries, and a lot more.

For starters, meditation gives your body the rest it needs, which means you’ll have more energy afterward, and there’s no better way to spend that energy than sex. Exhaustion is one of the main reasons why a lot of couples don’t have sex, and that is one angle supplements won’t help you with. Male Extra won’t help you feel less tired, but meditation will. When you combine that with the libido-boosting effects of the supplement, mind-blowing sex would be the logical outcome.

Various studies have shown that increased levels of cortisol cause problems for men like erectile dysfunction –– and for women, it’s worse; the problems pertaining to the ability to orgasm. This is what stress does to you, and why you need to alleviate its symptoms. Meditation can help you get rid of those feelings broiling inside of you, and replace them with interest and excitement. Once you start regularly meditating, your cortisol levels would drop, and libido will surge, and that along with Male Extra is a recipe for great performance.

3. Get some sun exposure

This might seem a bit out of place when addressing male enhancement tips, but sun exposure is actually quite relevant when talking about outside factors that would complement Male Extra’s performance-enhancing effects. So, why is it that important? Simply because when you’re exposed to sunlight, it starts affecting the melatonin produced in your body. Now, melatonin is important for a lot of bodily functions like regulating sleep, but it also inhibits the libido.

male enhancement tips

This is why you should get some sunlight exposure in the morning, as it will reduce melatonin secretion in your body and boost your sexual drive. This is even more important in the months of winter when your body starts producing more melatonin than usual. So, in a nutshell, getting some sunlight in the morning will help boost the effects of Male Extra and enhance your libido, which is always a good thing.

4. Less smoking

You knew this had to come up sooner or later. Male Extra improves your erections by increasing blood flow, which is done through relaxing and widening of the blood vessels that happens because of the active ingredients in the supplement. They say that as a result, more blood is pumped into the penis and you get stronger and significantly longer erections. This is on the supplement’s main effects; on the other hand, smoking causes your blood vessels to constrict and narrow, limiting blood flow to your body organs, including the penis. Those constrictions also decrease the amount of oxygen and nutrients that your cells receive, which may eventually lead to erectile dysfunction. The male enhancement supplement is supposed to deal with that, and it will, but the effects of smoking might sometimes be overwhelming. This is why it is always advisable that you stop smoking if you want Male Extra to work at 100% efficiency, which means you too will be working at 100% efficiency. It goes without saying that smoking less will significantly improve your overall health, including your cardiovascular muscles, which will also reflect on your sexual performance and how long you can keep going.

5. Less alcohol

Unfortunately, we had to go there, too. Alcohol has been proven to cause men a lot of difficulties in getting and maintaining an erection, while women also suffer from other sexual problems as a result of alcohol consumption. But more importantly, over time, and with too much consumption, alcohol can actually inhibit your sex drive and seriously affect your libido. It has even been shown to affect fertility and in some cases lead to impotence for heavy drinkers. In brief, it is bad for your sex life in more ways than one, and no male enhancement supplement is going to help a person who drinks 10 beers a day. If you want Male Extra or any other supplement to truly help you, then you are going to have to cut down on your alcohol consumption. Your kidneys, penis, and the missus will thank you for it as your overall health and sexual performance will exponentially improve. The supplements will start doing their magic and help you get better performance as you drink less alcohol over time.

6. Eat fruits and vegetables

Strangely enough, a lot of people don’t actually know that your diet plays a huge factor in your overall sexual performance and how well your libido is going to be. Certain foods have really good effects on the blood flow all over your body, and you need increased blood flow for longer and stronger erections. The supplements can help you do that, but you can’t be just eating junk food and hope for great results. You have onions and garlic, for example, as great additions to any meal that can really help you with blood circulation, but just remember to brush your teeth before testing their effects out. Spicy food in general, like chilies and peppers, is also excellent for the blood flow as well as reducing inflammation and hypertension all over your body, though you shouldn’t go overboard with those because they might not be pleasant for the digestive system in abundance. You need to also eat potassium-rich fruits like bananas, which can help you control and lower your blood pressure –– and that is quite important for sexual longevity and performance.

7. Eat meat

It’s not just fruits and vegetables that you should be eating for better performance with the help of Male Extra. Your body needs Omega-3 fatty acids that have many benefits including improved blood flow, and you can find them in tuna, fish, and salmon. Eggs are also high in another component you need, which is Vitamin B. This vitamin is crucial in balancing hormone levels, and more importantly reducing stress, which as explained earlier can be a real bummer for your sexual libido, not to mention erections. Another vitamin that your body desperately needs is Vitamin B-1, which has the most important function of helping signals move faster from your brain to your entire body, including the penis, across the nervous system. Think of it as a general quickly ordering his troops to advance and move forward, and just how much they’re going to be responsive. You need that same level of responsiveness, which you’ll get by consuming Vitamin B-1 found in pork, among other foods.

8. Sleep well

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Sleep is pretty much essential in all aspects of your daily life, and its quality will determine that of several other things, including sex. It’s quite simple really; if you get enough sleep and your body rests well, your performance in the bedroom will improve and you will be able to aptly deliver. If you don’t get enough sleep and you’re constantly exhausted, good luck getting or maintaining an erection! Male enhancement supplements can help you there, but just how long do you think you can keep one if you don’t get enough rest? Your body needs rest and recovery to perform at regular tasks throughout your day, and sex is and should be one of those.

9. Regularly check with a doctor

Erectile dysfunction or any sexual problems might just be a sign of other health complications. Those cannot be fixed by male enhancement pills, and this is why you need to regularly check with your doctor. Doing regular checkups is crucial if you want to stay in good health overall, not just in the bedroom. It’s important that you stay on top of your health, so if you found some sexual recurring problems facing you, with no help from the supplements, then maybe it is best if you visited a doctor and made sure everything is ok.

10. Try new things

While Male Extra can help you get a better performance in the bedroom, sustaining more powerful and longer erections, it still wouldn’t mean much if your sex life isn’t that interesting, to begin with. You need to start trying new things with your partner to better the quality of sex for both of you; it’s not just about having the longest erection in history books. At the end of the day, it is all about mutual pleasure for both of you. And that means experimenting with new things, and communication is crucial for that one. The key to a healthy and pleasurable sex life between two adults is always communication and talking together.

As we mentioned earlier, there is absolutely nothing wrong with using male enhancement pills to improve your sexual performance. But you can’t just rely on those and hope your sex life will automatically get better. It takes effort and some discipline to get there, and that means giving up on some things that you may like. And it also means committing to things like exercise and healthy diets, because the end result of having a healthy and mutually pleasing sexual life with your partner is more important than anything else.