Safe Sex: We Need to Take it Seriously!


A message from our friends at Carvaka

We have all been witness to the proliferation of dating apps in recent years. Tinder and Grindr are just two examples, and while the fun that has come with using these apps cannot be denied, there are also other serious issues that need to be considered.

Public Health England reported recently that there has been a 76% rise in syphilis, and increases in other STIs have been recorded as well. Without delving too deep into the data, it is clear that STI diagnosis in general is on the rise. We should take into account that we are dealing with a more sexually open population, and while this has involved a more relaxed approach and acceptance of casual sex, people are being more responsible about getting tested themselves. So, as a result, more people being tested might be a “skew” factor to these figures.

That being said, with the rise of casual relationships, it is even more important to insist on knowing your partner’s sexual history, in addition to getting regularly tested yourself. One incredible resource when it comes to STI prevention is the condom, and with amazing technological advances in materials, condoms are not the mood killer that they once were. Some condoms are so light that you will barely notice they’re on, so sensations are heightened while protecting yourself from STIs. Some condoms have textures that will help tantalize a partner during use, in addition to many other innovative features of the modern humble condom.

Our friends in Carvaka have created this interesting infographic below, and also an extended post here: https://carvakasextoys.co.uk/how-to-use-a-condom

We hope to help educate you on all things condom related. You’ll even learn that condoms have a long and checkered history!