Sex and Marijuana: 5 Tips For A Better Experience

sex and marijuana

In the last few years, marijuana has been reigning in the headlines, and for all the right reasons. From offering a euphoric high to innumerable therapeutic benefits, marijuana is helping transform the lives of many people. It has resulted in an increase in popularity and also legalization around the world.

Today, people are combining marijuana with sex to amplify the experience of both. It is becoming a beloved combination since marijuana can enhance the experience and make it more pleasurable. Due to this, more gay men and women are having sex while being high.

Are you planning to introduce marijuana into your love life? Do you wonder how to use the herb to improve your experience? If yes, then read on to find out everything you must know about the benefits of combining sex and marijuana.

Decoding the Fuss Around Marijuana

sex and marijuana

Do you know what marijuana is? If not, Let’s find out. Marijuana is a common name given to the dried flowers and leaves of the cannabis plant. It is a psychoactive drug that will induce a mind-altering high. Besides recreational use, people are also using marijuana because of its medicinal properties.

It contains hundreds of different chemical compounds, which are called cannabinoids. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the prominent cannabinoid that is psychoactive and gets you into a state of euphoric high. On the other hand, 420CBD is the medicinal cannabinoid, which is abundant in this herb. It occupies almost 40 percent of the plant matter and can be used as an alternative treatment for mental and physical ailments.

People have been smoking the herb for centuries, but you can find new methods of using it as well. Vaping is emerging as the latest trend in the industry. You can heat the flowers of marijuana in your electric vaporizer to inhale the vapor.

Tips to Keep in Mind When Having Sex While High

sex and marijuana

While sex is meant to be pleasurable, not everyone can enjoy it. Plenty of men and women in same-sex relationships feel anxious or nervous in the bedroom or feel pain during sexual intercourse. If you are one of them, marijuana can help.

So, be sure to keep these tips in mind and give a boost to your love life with marijuana.

Get Familiar with Marijuana Before Mixing it up With sex

Have you tried marijuana before? If your answer is yes, then it can be easier for you to have sexual intercourse with your partner while being high. But, if you are only a beginner with either of the two things, it is best to practice. You can start using marijuana by smoking it in small doses. Once you’re familiar with the experience, you can experiment with other methods of using marijuana like vaping or edibles. With time, you can even increase the dosage.

Whenever you feel confident enough with marijuana, you can mix it up with sex. You will be more in control of your mind and body and enjoy intercourse more. Experiencing the high for the first time can be a different feeling, and you may be in the mood for sex.

Find the Right Strain That Suits You

Basically, there are three subspecies of the cannabis plant – indica, sativa, and ruderalis. While indica strains contain ample amounts of the cannabinoid CBD, sativa strains are abundant with THC. Ruderalis is the hybrid plant, a mix of both indica and sativa plants.

You can now find plenty of cannabis strains with different amounts of cannabinoids and terpenes. Each strain can have a different effect on your body, and some specific ones can do wonders for your sex life. They can increase your sensations and give you an intense high to make the experience more pleasurable.

To give a much-needed boost to your libido, try strains like Wedding Cake or Do-Si-Dos. If you want to increase your energy level, go for Super Lemon Haze or Bubblegum Kush to heighten the sensations. If you experience performance pressure or anxiety, go for Skywalker OG Kush, and for pain, try Cannatonic.

Go Slow with Intercourse

When you are high, time tends to go slow, and you can make the most of it while having sex. It is time to return back to the old days when you had plenty of time, and the make-out session with your partner would last for half an hour. You can slow down the foreplay and take your time to seduce your partner, which is an essential part of gay relationships. You can play around for a while, give your partner a soothing massage, and enjoy every sensation and movement to the fullest.

Don’t pressurize yourself or your partner to get to the main task but rather take it slow. It will help you stay in the moment and make the most of the experience. Besides that, it can even help heighten your experience and make the final climax more pleasurable for both of you. CBD oils might also help rekindle your love and passion like your younger, carefree times.

Be Open to Communication and Experimenting

Another good thing about marijuana or the ‘truth serum’ is that it can make you more confident and honest. If there are some things about your intimate life that you’ve been hiding from your partner, you might be able to say it after using marijuana. It could help you direct your partner through sex, tell them what you like or don’t like, and ask for things that you want.

Not only that, but you might be open to experimenting in bed. So, recall all your fantasies that you want to fulfill with your partner and try it out. You can use new sensations like ice or invest in gay sex toys like a vibrating ring and have fun in bed when you are high.

Make Sure You Use Lube

Have you heard about cottonmouth? It is one of the side-effects of smoking marijuana that can leave your mouth dry. While there is no evidence that supports this claim, it might be true. Marijuana can lead to dehydration in the body and may also affect your sexual experience.

Here, lube can prove immensely beneficial for gay men. If you are having sex while high, make sure you use sufficient lube if you are experiencing any dryness. It will help reduce friction, pain, and improve the experience altogether. Things might get a little slippery with lube, but that will only make it more fun.

Ways to Use Marijuana for Better Sex

sex and marijuana

If you are looking for some ingenious ways to incorporate marijuana into your love life, here are some ideas for you:

Marijuana-Based Massage Lotion

To get a little cozy with your partner, you can use a topical-like massage lotion that contains marijuana oil or extract. You can rub a generous amount of the lotion on clean skin, and you will notice the effects within 15-20 minutes. The combination of massage with marijuana will help your partner relax after a tiring day and get in the mood.

Marijuana-Infused Lube

If you are looking for a new lube, you might want to try one that contains marijuana. It not only helps increase libido but also makes sexual intercourse much smoother.


If you are looking for an oral way to ingest marijuana, you can go for CBD oil. You can put 5-8 drops of CBD oil under the tongue, hold it for a minute and then swallow it. The sublingual method of ingesting CBD will give you fast results.


Marijuana itself is an aphrodisiac. You can use edibles – food and beverages infused with marijuana – to make your sex life better. The market is brimming with edibles like gummy bears, cookies, chocolates, and beverages like coffee and beer. You can also cook your own edibles by adding marijuana buds or oil to your favorite food. Eat the edibles one-hour before you get in bed for your body to digest it, and it will start having an effect.

Final Thoughts

Whether it is your hectic schedule or your environment, many aspects of life can affect your sex life. If you think you aren’t enjoying sex as much as you once did and want to give it a boost, it is time to try marijuana. From anxiety, pain, and hormonal changes to lacking libido and sensations, marijuana may help you combat all the same sex-related troubles. You can get your hands on this herb or the products infused with it to rekindle your love life. Plus, make sure you follow the tips mentioned above when combining sex with marijuana.