Month: October 2017

How to Impress Him on the First Date Like a Pro

How Do You Impress Him on Your First Gay Date? We can all agree how complicated gay dating is. Not only is the actual dating process complicated, but finding the perfect person to share that date with can be equally as challenging. Even though it’s hard to admit, most of us have a tendency to label anything or anyone we can, including ourselves. We use aged sorting methods that employ different categories such as twinks, daddies, otters, and bears, so finding a single person that meets all of our standards can be tricky. So, if you think you’ve found...

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Should You Have a Gay Doctor?

Like many recent graduates who test the uncertain waters of various career paths, over the past two years following my college graduation I have cycled through 5 different employers. Although these experiences have varied by and large, one constant fortunately remained – they all offered health insurance plans for their employees. Unfortunately, every job switch included a change of health insurance provider, requiring me to seek out a new primary care physician and restart the process of building doctor-patient rapport. During my college years I was fortunate enough to see a gay doctor – a physician who specializes in...

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Hello Fall: 5 Outdoor Fitness Ideas

The transitional season offers us a nice break from that unbearable saboteur in the form of heat and for the time being, the cold winds are kept at bay. An outdoor environment, with the fresh air, sunlight, and soothing nature, is an incredible playground for your mind, body, and soul. Moreover, there’s a variety of quick and effective outdoor workouts, everyday activities, and sports that will help you get on the fast track to physical greatness. So, let the crisp air and beautiful foliage motivate you. Take these outdoor fitness ideas and get moving! Outdoor Buddy Sprints Grab a...

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