How to Use CBD For Muscle Recovery

Glutamine and muscle building

To accelerate the recovery processes after training (and, ultimately, stimulate muscle growth), professional athletes not only refrain from physical activity on rest days but use lightweight exercises and short cardio loads for the so-called “active recovery.” But how can you help your muscles to recover faster? Stay with us and learn all the details about the magic remedy – CBD oil for muscle recovery.

Recovery and Muscle Pain

cbd for muscle pain

It is essential to be able to distinguish between “healthy” muscle pain and pain caused by a sports injury. If the muscles begin to ache slightly on the second to third day after training and the stiffness mentioned above appears – this is the normal recovery process. However, if you experience sharp pain during the exercise, this is most likely an injury.

What causes muscle cramps? It is believed that muscle pain during recovery is due to attempts by the body to remove lactic acid and other toxins from the tissues formed during substantial strength exercises. The feeling of “woodenness,” in turn, is a direct result of the active healing of microdamage to muscles.

Active and Passive Recovery

Traditionally, the term “recovery” means passive rest and muscle recovery time – the athlete does not play sports but simply rests. Usually, such a recovery takes about 2-3 days after training, which is quite acceptable for beginners. However, if you play sports professionally and go to the gym every day, then such a solution will not work.

Attempting to train with tight muscles significantly increases the risk of extremely unpleasant injuries and even muscle breaks. Professionals know that in case of damage to the pectoral muscles, it will take at least 6-8 months to heal the wound, implying complete abstinence not only from training the muscles of the chest but also from training the entire body.

What is Active Recovery?

Active recovery is one of the most effective muscle recovery tips. It helps regenerate muscles more quickly and accelerates the removal of various toxins after training for muscle growth. Usually, active recovery refers to a combination of sports massage, proper muscle stretching, and light cardio workouts.

Do you want to know how to help muscles recovery fast? Let’s dive in.

What is CBD Oil?

what is cbd oil

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the essential cannabinoids in hemp without narcotic effects; it has wonderful impacts and harmonizes the natural processes in the body. According to well-known studies and experiments, it has a calming effect on the nervous system.

Drug-free cannabinoids of plant origin, primarily cannabidiol, have recently been widely used by professional athletes, as well as people leading an active lifestyle. Its effect on the body extends to several roles, including the nervous, cardiovascular, digestive, and musculoskeletal systems.

What Does CBD Oil Do For Sports?

Is CBD oil safe? Considering the excitement recently observed in this area of ​​”sports cuisine,” let’s try to understand the mechanisms of CBD cream for pain benefits on the body of athletes.

Stamina improvement

One of the main advantages of the cannabidiol plant is its effect as a pain inhibitor. Cannabidiol interacts with TRPV1 receptors, which are activators of pain perception. Once in the body before training, CBD isolate powder wholesale increases pain tolerance, especially in muscles. This action significantly reduces the pain associated with the inflammation of microtrauma received during the training process.

Improving breathing rhythm

A study conducted in 2019 showed that TRPV1 receptors are also involved in bronchial contraction, causing difficulty breathing or an increase in its frequency and hyperventilation. By interacting with the above receptors, the cannabidiol plant contributes to better regulation of respiration during intense or prolonged workouts.

Stress reduction and concentration improvement

CBD also interacts with the 5-HT1A receptor, and its use in the medical field is common in the treatment of anxiety, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, or depression. For athletes, it can be taken before training or a few days before the competition to reduce stress and improve concentration.

Recovery Optimization

CBD helps in recovering and building muscle after a workout. In this sense, it can be taken orally or applied locally to the most strained muscles during training or sporting events. The same applies to tendons and joints, which can be prone to inflammation due to the excessive efforts made by professional athletes. Cannabidiol is also involved in improving the sleep cycle and contributing to its more profound course, which is an integral factor for ensuring optimal recovery of the whole body, including muscles, after intense periods of sports.

Why are Professional Athletes Interested in Using CBD?

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CBD accelerates the process of physical and mental recovery of the body after stress or physical exertion. In this case, we are talking not only about physical and mental fatigue but also about the stresses caused by various minor and severe injuries of the body. It can be just fatigue after running or weights lifting, or inflammation caused by a tucked muscle.

Even in small doses, CBD not only dampens pain and an inflammatory reaction but also relaxes the mind and blood vessels of the body, allowing the athlete to gather strength and speed up the flow of nutrient substances to the muscles and brain.

In addition to directly affecting the present injury or stress state, CBD also has a preventive role, reducing the release of antioxidants in the body. It decreases stress on muscle tissues, allowing them not only to quickly come to a relaxed state but also to protect them from damage and destruction.

CBD is a safe, fast, and effective painkiller with a long duration of action

As noted earlier, CBD is a relatively versatile and powerful painkiller with a quick effect, comparable or even faster than the speed and power of most opioid drugs currently used by athletes in the event of injury. However, unlike opiates, CBD does not cause inhibition or intoxication, and also has no risk of the formation of psychological and physiological dependence.

Although at the moment, doctors have already conducted trials that have shown the strength and duration of this effect in animal subjects, there have not yet been full-fledged trials with people held in clinical conditions. On the other hand, the mass of small private tests, as well as the reviews of literally millions of athletes from around the world, indicate that the substance is no less active as an anesthetic and anti-inflammatory agent when working with people.

CBD improves sleep quality

In addition to providing a sedative effect after direct loads on the body, CBD has a stable and long-lasting impact on improving the quality and extent of the athlete’s sleep. Some athletes use extracts of the CBD after the competition to calm the body and mind before going to bed.

As the results of available studies demonstrate, CBD has proven to be extremely useful in improving the quality of the REM deficient sleep stage, usually due to psychological stress or physiological irritants, such as pain or discomfort. Another work claims that this effect is only a consequence of the sedative effect of CBD precise dosages, noting that in smaller quantities, the substance did not show a noticeable hypnotic effect.

CBD protects brain tissue from mechanical and physiological injuries

As many athletes and doctors note, even in small doses, CBD has a neuroprotective effect on the human brain. It protects the brain not only from the harmful effects of diseases but also from possible mechanical injuries, such as chronic encephalopathy.

This term refers to diseases provoked by relatively frequent injuries of the skull, usually due to sports or work. In practice, this ailment manifests itself in problems with memory, emotional dysfunction, depression, increased aggressiveness, and, in the worst cases, motor dysfunction. Its mechanism is reminiscent of tremors characteristic of people suffering from Parkinson’s disease or other similar neurodegenerative diseases.

Recently published studies by American doctors show that almost 99% of professional American football players suffer from various manifestations of encephalopathy due to regular injuries and stress. Besides, the disease is also slightly less prevalent among other athletes involved in contact sports, as well as among military personnel and war veterans.

Finally, scientists report that the experiments have shown the high effectiveness of both isolated cannabinoids and an equal mixture of THC and CBD in the treatment of all physiological and behavioral symptoms of the disease. Also, the substances exhibit a noticeable and long-lasting neuroprotective effect after consumption, allowing scientists to believe that the appropriate use of cannabinoids before or after receiving an injury can significantly mitigate the impact on brain health.

CBD Lotion is Immediate Relief of Muscle and Joint Pain

cbd for joint pain

CBD massage lotion provides refreshment and relaxation in muscle exhaustion and relieves musculoskeletal disorders. CBD lotion with a functional mixture of active ingredients is proper for massaging the skin in the muscles, back, and joints. It spreads easily, is quickly absorbed, and is not greasy. Even a small amount treats a large area of ​​the skin.

There are two main types of CBD muscle balms for quick recovery.

CBD cooling balm

It is hemp gel with menthol and CBD content – cannabidiol, hemp oil, and peppermint or comfrey essential oil. It is proper for the fast relaxation of muscle pain and stiffness, deals with injuries, bruises, rheumatism, and edema. CBD oil for pain relief also eliminates the feeling of weakness after physical exertion. It contains about 50 mg of CBD, depending on the product.

Thanks to the cooling effect of the lotion, you will immediately feel the refreshing and relaxing effect.

The balm is excellent for massage, helping to cool tense parts of the body. It helps relieve muscle fatigue and reduces swelling. The ingredients contained in this lotion accelerate the regeneration of joints and limbs and give them lasting relief.

CBD warming balm

It is a special kind of CBD clove-menthol lotion, which contains hemp oil and comfrey essential oil. This warming balm is applied by massaging into the skin. It contains about 50 mg of CBD, depending on the product. The lotion is suitable for massage, helping to warm up stressed parts of the body, helping to ease muscle fatigue.

CBD gel balm stimulates blood circulation in the joints and suppresses the feeling of stiffness and pain. Apply a small mass of balm to the affected areas (back, legs, neck, etc.) and massage smoothly.

When applied to the skin for massage, it has a warming, relaxing, and stimulating effect. How long does it take for CBD oil to work? The result comes in 5-15 minutes, depending on the product.

The lotion is suitable for massage, helping to warm the stressed parts of the body after a workout, which helps relieve muscle fatigue, bend joints, and rigid parts of the body.

The unique formula contained in this gel accelerates the regeneration of joints and limbs and provides long-term relief. The whole family can use CBD balm- it is ideal for everyone – for athletes and non-athletes. When using the balm, avoid contact with the eyes and groin.

Don’t Forget Tinctures

While lotions and balms are excellent for acute soreness and targeted relief to specific body areas, CBD tinctures also offer an excellent recovery option. They are taken sublingually, meaning the concentrate is placed under the tongue for immediate absorption into the bloodstream.

My favorite tincture is the USDA Organic Full Spectrum 2000mg CBD Oil by 43CBD. 43CBD offers high-quality, locally-harvested hemp-based CBD products out of Colorado, all of which are guaranteed all-natural. They also offer several deep-tissue muscle salves for targeted soreness relief and recovery.

How do Athletes Prefer to Use CBD Oil?

cbd for muscle recovery

Having considered all the effects and features of the impact of CBD on the brain and body of an athlete, it is necessary to discuss the optimal methods of using the substance during athletic activities.

As a rule, athletes mainly consume CBD in forms that are now widely used in the therapeutic segment of the hemp market, namely, in the way of extracts for electronic vaporizers, capsules, for use in food, or the form of tinctures for external use.

The CBD effect will vary not only depending on the dose and concentration of CBD in the product, but also on its type of application. More precisely, the use of extracts in the evaporator produces a very tangible effect, in contrast to the use of such an extract in food. In the same way, liquid extracts differ from CBD oils. Unlike a product that directly enters the body and spreads its effect among all organs and biological systems, topical creams have only a local, but powerful and directed impact.

Accordingly, it is better to select the type of medication based on similar factors. Smoking oils are better for acute pain and fatigue. Capsule extract should be used to provide long-term and lasting protection against chronic pain or inflammation caused by old injuries. Creams and ointments, respectively, are best used in the treatment of severe abrasions, bruises, dislocations, muscle numbness, and cases of arthritis. Another very common disease of the hands that can be mistaken for arthritis is Dupuytren’s Disease. This disease affects the connective tissue under your palms. They will thicken and contract, causing knots that can pull your fingers inwards.

Similar to CBD extracts for evaporators, plant inflorescence can also be used. However, in this case, it is worthwhile to select particular therapeutic hemp and take into account that such a product may contain impurities that can cause unwanted side effects.

Some sports leagues and professional sports events have already allowed limited use of CBD in the form of oils. You can be sure that smoking cigarettes with hemp or even detecting small traces of THC metabolites during doping tests can cause disqualifications of the consuming athlete.


Over the past ten years, professional athletes from some countries, in particular the USA, where regional legalization of hemp continues to expand, began to actively support the inclusion of CBD extracts in the official athletic kit of their leagues. Even the Global Anti-Doping Agency agreed with the arguments of consumers and doctors by deciding to officially remove CBD from the list of banned substances by the end of 2018.

In addition to active athletes, CBD is also used by many retired athletes. Some of them have already acquired their brands that produce CBD extracts for use after heavy physical exertion on the body.

To accelerate muscle recovery after strength training sports massage and special stretching exercises will help, as well as moderate cardio and an active recovery technique consisting of conducting light and short strength training on rest days. The main task will be washing out toxins and improving the nutrition of muscle tissue.

Do you know how to speed up muscle recovery? How does CBD oil make you feel? What muscle recovery foods or muscle recovery supplements do you use?

Author’s Bio: Rae Hudson is a professional fitness trainer, who has tried different ways for muscle recovery. She stopped her search on CBD oil and CBD lotions for quick muscle pain relief. Rae has a sports blog, where she shares all the secrets about workouts and sports nutrition.