Prostate Play 101: How To Have A Prostate Orgasm

how to have a prostate orgasm

It’s an ironic reality that while most guys pretend to be satisfied in their sex lives –– at least outwardly –– they tend to get squirmy about the one sexual act that could feel better than any of the sex they’re currently having: prostate play. Prostate play refers to the practice of stimulating the prostate, a small gland located 3-4 inches inside the rectum that’s responsible for producing a component of semen that helps sperm survive and swim.

Often referred to as the “male G-spot,” the prostate is capable of producing intense, expansive and full-body orgasms when stimulated by fingers, a toy or a penis. In fact, because ejaculation tends not to occur when the prostate orgasms, folks who experience this type of pleasure can sometimes climax multiple times in a single session without spilling a drop of semen. Anyone with a prostate can enjoy prostate massage and orgasms.

best prostate toys for men

While it holds the unfortunate and incorrect reputation as something only gay men enjoy (which we do), whether a person loves or hates prostate stimulation has no more bearing on their sexuality. Just like enjoying penile stimulation has nothing to do with sexual orientation, enjoying prostate massage doesn’t either. It’s a gland, not an identity.

An amazing prostate orgasm can be achieved through prostate massage. Every guy has a unique spot and anatomy, so it can require some patience and practice to perfect, but thankfully, there are a few helpful steps you can follow to experience this rare and novel orgasm. From special techniques to edging tips on using a prostate toy, read on to learn how to have a prostate orgasm.

What Is The Prostate?

prostate diagram

Here’s a quick biology lesson: the prostate is a gland in the male reproductive system responsible for producing prostatic fluid which makes up 30% of semen volume and contains enzymes and zinc, among a few other substances. The muscles in the prostate also help to propel semen through the urethra. The prostate sits right below the bladder and the back end of it can be rubbed by inserting something about 2-3 inches inside the anal cavity.

This is where the magic happens. At this point, rubbing the prostate can bring immense pleasure in a way that’s much different than masturbating with the penis. Of course, this was first discovered by way of using fingers, but hygiene concerns and a few cramps later someone figured that there’s got to be a better way of accomplishing this.

Enter the prostate massager. They are sex toys designed to help men more easily & comfortably find their prostates and give it the ol’ what-for. A good prostate massager is made from body-safe materials like silicone and has a large base that will prevent it from becoming lost inside the anus. Comfort is key here, with some prostate massagers doing far better than others. These toys come in various shapes and sizes, but there are some common points to most. For most guys, something in the realm of 1’’-1.5’’ in diameter is a good starting point.

The Differences Between A Prostate Orgasm vs Regular Orgasm

The orgasm 99% of men over the age of 16 are all too familiar with is the orgasm that can be had by repeated frottage of the genitals. There’s a build-up, and slowly the tension becomes too much to bear and the body responds with an orgasm. After this, there’s usually a refractory period in which the man can’t get another erection or have another orgasm for a short while.

A prostate orgasm is a completely different beast entirely. During a prostate massage, a finger or a toy is inserted into the anal cavity with a slight angle that tends towards the front of the body. This stimulation in and of itself is pleasurable for many thanks to the many nerve endings in the anus. But the real target here is the prostate, which as I stated earlier is anywhere from 2-3 inches inside the anus. Most men have some difficulty finding their prostates, so prostate toys that allow for some bending to fit personal anatomy can be a godsend. Once the prostate has been found, rubbing it back and forth or letting the toy vibrate if it is motorized will result in extremely intense sexual stimulation that blows regular orgasms out of the water.

After a bit of rubbing, there will be a buildup and a release much like in regular masturbation, but there is no refractory period to speak of, so some men enjoy orgasm after orgasm via their prostate. It should be known that a prostate orgasm doesn’t necessarily mean ejaculation, nor does it necessarily mean you’ll get an erection either. It varies from person to person.

how to have a prostate orgasm

5 Techniques for the Perfect Prostate Massage With a Partner

Prostate stimulation can be especially thrilling if you’ve got someone to explore it with. The dexterous, precise fingers of a partner or the deft usage of their penis or a dildo they’re in control of can be really helpful in terms of finding the right rhythm and pressure. Combined with a little healthy communication and a lot of lube, it can also be an especially intimate experience that brings you closer together whether you’re in it for the night or the long haul.

1. Get in the mood

Generally speaking, prostate play in the absence of arousal isn’t anywhere near as fun as it is when you’re turned on. That’s because when you’re in the mood, circulation to the pelvic region increases and the prostate swells quite notably. This makes it easier to find and to stimulate, as well as more sensitive and responsive to touch.

2. Lube yourself silly and trim your nails

Because the anus and rectum do not self-lubricate, it’s extra-super-very important to use lube during any sort of butt stuff, prostate play included. Lube will protect the delicate tissues of the anus and prevent them from the micro-tearing that can accompany dryness, but it also has the added benefit of making things more comfortable and pleasurable too.

If you’re using fingers, make sure your nails are trimmed. And for the ladies, there’s nothing’s worse than an acrylic nail to the prostate.

3. Breathe. Relax. Insert.

One of the biggest factors in a pleasurable prostate orgasm is relaxation. The more relaxed and zen you are, the more flexible and accommodating the muscles of your anus will be. This reduces the amount of discomfort you may feel from anal penetration (if any at all), but it also ensures that the blood vessels of your anal region can dilate, bringing more blood and sensation to the area.

Do whatever you need to do to relax. Massage, music, deep breathing, meditating, quitting your job, and moving to an ex-pat community in Thailand … it’s your call.

As you insert whatever you’re inserting, take deep breaths. If you encounter resistance, breathe through it and let the natural action of your anal muscles pull the toy in slowly as opposed to pushing it in harder.

4. Locate the prostate

While inserting anything into the anus can lead to prostate stimulation, it really helps if you know where to find it. The prostate is located between 3-4 inches inside the rectum on the frontal wall (the side that faces the navel.) If you’re properly aroused, your partner should notice that it has a distinct texture from the rest of the rectum. It’s a little ridged and might feel like a ripe plum.

That’s where you want to focus.

5. Find your rhythm

Once you’re comfortable and your partner’s fingers, penis or toy is inside you, experiment with rhythm and sensation. Make sure you and your partner can communicate verbally and with body language while you do this so you can find the sort of stimulation that works best for both of you.

You can try circular motions around the prostate, switching up the width of the circles and the speed with which you make them. You can tap the prostate lightly using one finger or two in a piano-style movement. You can stroke it up and down or side-to-side like a windshield wiper. You can hold some steady pressure on it and sort of pulse whatever you’re using to stimulate the prostate on it without removing the pressure entirely. Or, you can try holding, which basically entails the person doing the penetrating staying still and the person being penetrated moving their hips and body on their partner in a way that feels good.

Or, any combination of the above!

Repeat until you climax. Because you can have multiple orgasms with prostate play, you don’t have to stop after you do unless you want to!

How to Have a Prostate Orgasm with a Toy

Start by finding the perfect anal toy. We have the ultimate guide in choosing the right anal sex toy for you.

1. Make some time for yourself

Having a prostate orgasm for the first time by yourself is not always easy, so make sure you have enough time and comfort to focus on yourself. No phone calls, no Instagram, switch off the TV, or turn the lights low. This is totally different from penile masturbation and requires some focus and internal communication with yourself.

2. Relax

Now that you’re alone, try taking a relaxing shower or bath. Heat can help the sensitive tissues around the anus relax and become more pliable, which makes penetration easier. Wash the area around your anus or use an at-home enema if you’d like deeper rectum deep cleaning. After that, get comfy and put on some music you love. Do whatever you need to do to feel relaxed and comfortable. A glass of wine can help, but don’t overdo it.

3. Position yourself comfortably

You can lie on the bed with your knees in the air, turn on your side or get on your knees in a sort of doggy-style position. Any of these positions is good as long as you access the anal canal comfortably. There are many positions to use, but as a beginner, use the one you find easy. Many folks find laying on their side is the easiest position for insertion, but feel free to move around after that.

4. Start the massage

Get your prostate toy and apply a generous amount of lubricant to it. Do the same to your anus and then gently nudge the toy into the anal canal. If you feel any discomfort, relax, go slowly, and wait for a few seconds and it will enter smoothly. You might not feel the toy on your prostate right away but move it around to where it’s comfortable and pleasurable. Typically, if you’re aroused and relaxed, you’ll feel a little jolt of pleasure when the toy touches your prostate. You might even be able to feel a slightly different texture from the rest of your rectum.

If you cannot put your prostate vibrator or any other toy comfortably the first time you try, use your finger to massage the anus until it relaxes a bit more.

Once it’s in and you’re comfortable, try the techniques mentioned above to massage the prostate. Experiment with the level of pressure that feels best for you, and take time to explore the whole area. Fantasizing or masturbating at the same time can help enhance the sensation.

At some point, you’ll start experiencing an escalating pleasure that leads to prostate contracting. This may feel quite different than what you’re used to experiencing with your penis. You may start to orgasm, but it’s likely that you won’t ejaculate (although if you do, that’s great, too.) Afterward, you may still feel aroused and down for another round –– go for it! You’ll notice that you can have multiple prostate orgasms without having to rest between them. Even if you don’t, it’s relatively easy to work up to that point.

Why Choose A Prostate Orgasm?

Shoving foreign objects into your anal cavity is usually an activity I’d advise against, but in this case the benefits are very much worth it. Carefully selecting your massager is key, our guide of the 13 Best Prostate Toys for Men can help narrow down your choices a little. What am I talking about exactly? Well, let me explain:

The Benefits Of A Prostate Orgasm

1. New Sensations

While regular old masturbation may have been the bee’s knees when you were a nubile teenager just starting to figure out his body, after a while, it kind of loses its charm. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with an old-fashioned wank but you’d be lying to me if you were to say it’s the same as it was the first time around.

Choosing to explore the full range of sexual sensations you can feel by exploring with a prostate massager means that you’re able to feel brand-new sensations that you’ve never felt before. Since you aren’t accustomed to these feelings, they will be novel and a whole new ball game. If you want to have a greater understanding of what the true limits of self-pleasure are, you’d be missing out by choosing to avoid prostate orgasms altogether.

2. Increased Connection To Your Body & Sexuality

Many men are extremely apprehensive about putting things up their anus, and I remember myself being in their position. However, when I found myself wanting to be able to connect with myself on a deeper level, prostate orgasms really helped me become more sexually liberated.

Once you’ve gone through with a prostate massage, there’s an increased amount of comfort you have with yourself and a much deeper understanding of just who you are as a person and what gets your motor running. A prostate orgasm will release chemicals in the brain that will make you feel calm and at peace with the world.

3. It Feels Fantastic

This is of course the simplest reason of them all, but it’s a good reason nonetheless. A prostate orgasm is perhaps one of the most intense sexual experiences a man can embark on. Anyone with a prostate can take advantage of these intense, knee-buckling sensations that are completely unlike anything a man has felt before.

As far as relieving tension and blowing off some steam, the prostate massage is like a cheat code for sexual gratification. The fact that a man is able to have multiple orgasms back to back is completely unheard of outside of the realm of prostate stimulation, it’s completely up to you to decide when you’ve had enough.

4. It Can Bring You Closer To Your Partner

Using a prostate massager doesn’t have to be a solo endeavor. Many relationships, both heterosexual and homosexual, can be benefitted incredibly through the use of a prostate massager. They help to bring more intimacy into a relationship and establish trust between partners when it comes to anal play. You’re allowing your partner full reign over what’s going to be happening next to what is typically our body’s most closely guarded hole, so it’s a great way to establish trust in the bedroom.

5. Miscellaneous Health Benefits

While not all of these benefits have been verified to their full extent, it has been shown that prostate massages can help clear the prostatic duct of backed-up fluids and help treat some common reproductive conditions found in males. Those who experience painful ejaculation may find relief from this cleaning of the prostatic ducts to allow a more clear path from the prostate down to the urethra.

Some men also report that a regular prostate massage can help ease inflammation of the prostate. This means that there is less discomfort in the area during the day and in extreme cases where the prostate is pushing against the bladder, it will aid in making urine flow just a bit simpler. In short, there is evidence to suggest that regular prostate massage can help alleviate the problems associated with prostatitis.

When you peel back the velvet curtains and find a prostate orgasm on the other side, you might end up a little surprised. Far too many men live in fear of the prostate orgasm, but so long as you have the right massager there isn’t much to worry about. Start small and then work your way up as you become more comfortable, there’s no reason to have to buy a huge toy on your first go-around.

Remember to always use lube when using a prostate massager, the lining of the anal cavity is sensitive so it’s best you do everything you can to protect it, plus it’ll make the experience a lot less uncomfortable overall. The moment it starts to legitimately hurt you should stop immediately, pain is not the aim of a good prostate massage.

Once you finally manage to find a massager that works for you in tracking down your prostate time and time again, you’ll finally understand what all the fuss is about. From increased sexual satisfaction to a better understanding of yourself as a sexual being, the proof is in the pudding as to why a prostate massage should be next on your list of sexual adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions About Prostate Orgasms

You’ve read about them and have talked with other guys who say that prostate orgasms are the most mind-blowing experiences that they have ever had. You want one, and doubtlessly, you have a lot of questions about the experience. Like most other situations, when it comes to sex, there is no single right or wrong way. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about your burning desire.

What is a prostate orgasm?

Prostate orgasm occurs through direct stimulation of the prostate. The first method involves stimulating the prostate by inserting a finger into the rectum and massaging it. The second method is similar, involving the insertion of a prostate massager into the rectum to stimulate the gland. Either method may be done solo or with a partner. The third involves the insertion of a penis into a partner’s rectum. Not all men are comfortable with anal sex, so you should always remain respectful of your partner’s wishes. Prostate orgasm may be dry or occur in conjunction with ejaculation.

The International Society of Sexual Medicine notes that researchers aren’t exactly sure what makes prostate orgasms so powerful. The prostate is often likened to the female G-Spot, with some calling it the P-Spot. However, this is not entirely accurate as women have an equivalent group of glands, called the Skene’s glands, according to Vitus Prostate Center. This likening is more about the intense sexual pleasure that both spots provide.

What does a prostate orgasm feel like?

Although much research has been performed on G-Spot orgasms, you’ll find little in official literature on prostate orgasms or even male orgasms in general. A 2017 study in Clinical Anatomy noted that most of what the world knows about prostate orgasms comes from anecdotal evidence in the literature and various online sources or magazine articles. Some early descriptions of prostate orgasms call them “emission type reflexive orgasms with occasional oozing of semen from the penis.” That’s a pretty boring description of what is supposed to be a mind-blowing experience.

Thus, we have to go by are descriptions from guys who regularly experience prostate orgasms. What many of them say is that it is a whole-body experience. It doesn’t just stay in the region of the genitals but radiates outward to incorporate even the arms and legs. Like a penile orgasm, it comes in spasms and can occur over and over again. Some guys experience super orgasms, which come in fast continuous waves that cause the body to shudder. Others say that the experience is quite localized and feels like the beginning of a penile orgasm happening over and over again.

Other things to note are that when you’re getting a prostate massage, you may feel like you have to empty your bladder. Because your anus is full, you may feel like you’re going to pop too. Neither will happen, but just to make sure, you should go to the bathroom and take a bath before the experience to make it as worry-free and pleasurable as possible.

What happens during a prostate orgasm?

Highly sensitive nerve endings surround the prostate, which is why massaging it feels so darned good. Prostate orgasms begin with mild contractions of the pubococcygeus muscle or PC muscle that stretches from the pubic bone to your tail bone. This muscle forms the pelvic cavity floor and supports all the pelvic structures, including the urethra and the prostate. These mild contractions are the first sign that you are doing it right. As prostate stimulation continues, these contractions intensify behind the pubic bone, and the feeling of warmth enters the mid-section. The body starts to tremble, and if you haven’t had an erection to this point, one may start now. Orgasm occurs when the PC muscle begins its most intense phase of contractions and release. At this point, the parasympathetic nerves in the area stimulate the production of seminal fluid from the gland, which can lead to ejaculation. You may go flaccid during peak pleasure, but it doesn’t’ matter as you’re having the most intense orgasm ever!

How long does it take to have a prostate orgasm?

Achieving a prostate orgasm takes patience and practice. Some men say that they don’t achieve orgasm the first time they have a prostate massage. Remember that every guy is different. The more relaxed you are, the easier it will be to achieve orgasm. Many guys report that as they or their partners become more experienced at prostate play, they have an easier time, and orgasm comes more quickly. Just don’t worry about it. The experience is going to be pleasurable, no matter which way you look at it. Think of it as an hour or two of ultimate sex because once you have a prostate orgasm, you can have another one immediately as there is no refractory period.

How long does a prostate orgasm last?

Because there is no refractory period, there is no limit to how long a prostate orgasm will last. Again, the data is anecdotal, which explains the lack of an exact answer. Once you get into a rhythm with your prostate play, you’ll probably be able to determine just how long your orgasms will be, as well as how many you can have or want during your sex session. Let your body be your guide. If you want to go all night, you can.

How to find your prostate

The prostate is located about two inches inside the anus. If you’re trying to locate it with your finger, you’ll find it by pressing upwards toward the bladder. This wall of the anus will feel harder than the other wall. Navigate up toward the navel. You’ve reached it when you feel a round object that has two lobes. It is just beneath the bladder and surrounds the urethra. Another way to locate it is to feel the base of your penis and work your way back toward the rectum on your taint. By pressing on your taint, you’ll be able to feel your prostate. The prostate is about the size of a walnut but becomes larger as you get older.

How deep is the prostate?

The prostate is not far inside the body. As noted above, you can find it about three to four inches inside your rectum, which is approximately how far you can reach with one of your fingers. It can be difficult for some guys to reach the prostate with their fingers, so you may have a hard time applying constant pressure for the massage. Sex toys are longer than your fingers and designed in such a way that you or your partner will be able to easily reach this sensitive gland and apply the needed pressure that culminates in the ultimate orgasm.

What happens if the prostate is massaged?

The prostate responds to firm, repetitive pressure. Prostate massage is sometimes referred to as milking the prostate because it stimulates the movement of fluid produced by the gland. This is the milky fluid that carries semen during ejaculation.

How often should you massage your prostate?

You can do it daily or even twice a day if you want. There is no real schedule to how often you should massage your prostate unless you have health issues such as prostatitis that require regular drainage. Instead of heading to a urologist for regular treatment, you can massage your prostate with your finger or with a toy to help drain it. According to the Prostatitis Foundation, massaging the prostate to reduce infection and the accompanying buildup of fluid should be done at least every two days. It would be best if you took care when massaging the prostate as a 2017 study in Clinical Anatomy noted that massaging it too vigorously can result in rectal bleeding, increase the risk of a bacterial infection or irritate hemorrhoids. The same study indicated that 8.3% of men experienced discomfort after vigorous prostate massage.

Is it healthy to massage your prostate?

As we said above, you can hurt your prostate if you massage it too hard. More accurately, you could damage the prostatic plexus, the thin pliable membrane covering the gland that is rich in nerves that service the corpora cavernosa of the penis, which gives you an erection. Always make sure that your finger or the sex toy you use to massage your prostate is squeaky clean because you don’t want to risk introducing bacteria into the anus. You can even use a condom over your finger to help protect your prostate. Not all medical community members support prostate massage for health reasons, but some men, especially older ones, indicate that they get relief from some prostate conditions through massage. If you’ve heard those tales that prostate massage can give you cancer, don’t believe them as there is no evidence for it. In fact, it may even help prevent cancer by helping to flush out the gland.

What are the health benefits of prostate massage?

The National Institute of Health notes that few studies on the benefits of prostate massage exist, but some doctors recommend the practice to ease painful ejaculation caused by prostatitis. It has also been used in conjunction with antibiotics to relieve prostatitis, which is inflammation of the prostate. Other conditions that massage may benefit include erectile dysfunction. A small 2009 study published in the Open Neurology & Nephrology Journal indicated that at-home prostate massage devices helped men with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), also known as an enlarged prostate. Those men had an easier time urinating, while there is some anecdotal evidence that prostate massage may even play a role in reducing the size of an enlarged prostate.

8 Toys That Will Help You Achieve Prostate Orgasm

Whether it’s solo play or couple’s play, here are our top 8 sex toys that will help elevate your prostate orgasm experience. 


1. LELO Bruno Prostate Massager

While the prostate tends to love firm touch, it has an equal hankering for super-strong vibration. The Bruno offers both those things with its deeply quaking dual motors that provide both external and internal pleasure simultaneously (on the perineum and prostate respectively.) It has a curved shape, but is silky smooth, giving users an amazing, gliding sensation during insertion while ensuring they’re comfortable.

This massager is medium-sized, which means it’s great for users of all experience levels.

Click here to buy.

2. LELO Loki Wave Prostate Massager

You might not guess by looking at it, but the The Lelo Loki Wave moves. This sleek prostate massager famous for its undulating, wave-like “come hither” motion in its shaft that’s meant to simulate the precise and natural feeling of a person’s fingers. Paired with 10 speeds of super-strong, rumbly vibration and an external stimulator that rumbles the perineum and external portion of the anus, the Loki Wave is perfect for folks looking for intensity, a bit of girth and a toy that does more than just vibrate.

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3. Je Joue Nuo

Soft and flexible yet filling, the Nuo has a wide bulge that gives the toy more surface area to find and massage your prostate. Its bendy base has flexible joints so you can position it perfectly, and it has a particularly rumbly, deep vibration that stimulates both the prostate and surrounding structures. Dual external and internal motors make for a fantastic blended pleasure, and it comes with an app that controls its vibration pattern. The app is particularly fun for couples –– hand it over to your partner and let them drive for a fun way to make prostate play a two-person sport.

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4. Revo Stealth Prostate Massager 

With its thoughtfully designed head, the Nexus Revo Stealth gives you amazing pleasure and incredible orgasms through a simple design that’s mean to hug the prostate in its curves. Created based on advanced technology that lets its shaft rotate in a circular motion, it tends to do the work for you so you can sit back and enjoy the sensation. The Stealth also comes with a remote for easy control operation or couple’s fun.

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5. VeDO DIVER Prostate Vibe

The VeDO DIVER has a dual motor for simultaneous prostate and perineum stimulation. With a slender shaft, a perfectly curved head and handle that makes it easy to hold, it’s super easy to position in the spot that feels the best for you. It also comes with a remote, making it a great couple’s toy or those times when you’d rather not fiddle around with the controls while it’s inside you.

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6. Rocks-Off Rude Boy Intense 7

Rude Boy is a powerful, medium-girth vibrator. You can lie on your back and control it with the 7 pleasure modes. It is waterproof, so you can use it while showering and every pulsation sends nothing but pleasure. It is rechargeable and once you discover your ideal setting, you will be in cloud nine within no time.

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7. We-Vibe Ditto Vibrating Butt Plug

With a small, accessible shape and a beautifully-designed curve that sits snugly against the prostate, the Ditto’s super-flexible neck and body make this toy a particularly good option for beginners looking to start small. A comfortable, ergonomic base makes it easy to wear, and its strong vibrations make it easy to love. Pair it with the WeConnect app for a hands-free experience couples can stay connected with whether they’re across the room or the country. WeConnect works anywhere where WiFi is available, making the Ditto an ideal couple’s toy.

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8. California Exotic Novelties His Prostate Training Kit

His Prostate Training Kit is every man’s best friend and has everything that he needs to discover the greatest prostate orgasm –– a vibrator, a plug and a set of beads. Mix and match all three to find the sensation that works best for you and your prostate.

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