9 Easy Ways to Increase Your Penis Size Without Surgery

increasing penis size

Most males are actively looking to grow their penis size, and it’s understandable. An average male penis size is estimated to be 5 inches when erect. In a recent study, it showed that men (and women) prefer a man who has a penis length of 6 to 6.4 inches and a width of 4.8 to 5 inches. If your penis is 6 inches and above when erect, then you are in the top 5% of the world. However, if you have a 5-inch penis and below then don’t worry, there are options to increase your penis size without any surgical procedures.

Even though you might have heard people complaining about how they can’t grow their penis size using “DIY” methods, we can assure you that these can really work. Most of the time, people are not committed to increasing their penis size, but we will show you the sure-shot way on how to enlarge your penis naturally, without having to resort to getting surgery. Everybody’s body is different but with the right commitment and determination, these methods can help you attain your size goals!

Eat healthily and workout regularly

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You must take care of your health if you want your penis to grow. There have been numerous amounts of studies done on healthy and unhealthy men, and they found that men who took care of themselves by eating healthy foods and exercising regularly had a much larger penis than people who smoked and ate junk food. Make sure that you follow a workout plan and a healthy diet plan if you want to increase your penis size.

When you eat unhealthy foods and don’t exercise regularly, you increase your “bad” cholesterol, which can reduce blood flow. One of the most important things is to increase blood flow all around your body, especially your penis if you want it to increase in size. Consider staying away from junk food, and eating clean and healthy food while exercising regularly. The main ingredient to stay away from is trans fat, not only is trans fat bad for you, but it can increase your “bad” cholesterol levels. Make sure to eat good fats from healthy food sources such as almonds, salmon, organic eggs, and organic meat. Eating fats from these food sources can help you boost your testosterone, which can help make your manhood a lot larger.

Take supplements

After you are done taking care of your diet and workout routine, the next thing you should consider is taking supplements. Some supplements can help you to boost your testosterone and increase your penis size. One of the first supplements we recommend is zinc; zinc is an essential micronutrient that allows you to increase your testosterone levels. Many men are not getting an adequate amount of zinc, and that is affecting their testosterone levels. It’s recommended that you take zinc supplements regularly.

You should also take d-aspartic acid, as d-aspartic acid is the only supplement that has been proven to boost testosterone levels by 30% in 14 days. D-aspartic acid is an amino acid, which is entirely natural and will increase your testosterone through natural means. Once you start taking d-aspartic acid, you will notice a better sex drive and more energy, but mainly, it will help you to increase the size of your penis. Take D-aspartic acid regularly, alongside zinc, and you should see amazing results. Make sure to eat healthily and workout regularly before you start taking these supplements, as there is no point in taking supplements if your diet and workout habits aren’t healthy.

Sleep more

how to enlarge your penis naturally

It’s imperative that you get your 8 hours of REM sleep, as this is vital for your overall health with the added bonus of increasing the size of your penis. Many people don’t realize it, but the most amount of growth and recovery is done when you are sleeping, you would recover everything from your brain cells to your muscles. You also regulate your hormones when you are sleeping, which is why it is essential that you get deep sleep every day.

If you have a lousy sleeping cycle, then we recommend you wake up early in the morning and sleep on time the next day so that you can build your sleeping cycle. You can also take natural sleeping aids such as melatonin or CBD products, which will help you to sleep better. Whatever you can do to have a better sleeping cycle, make sure to do that as you need to be sleeping optimally on a regular basis.


You need to make sure that you optimize your stress levels if you want to increase your penis size. Many people are stressed these days. The reason why they’re so stressed is because of the work environment. We can understand that quitting your job might not be an available option. However, you must manage your stress properly. There have been studies showing that people who are regularly stressed, tend to have lower amounts of testosterone, and it might even shrink their penis size. Stress is one of the most devastating things you can do to your body, especially when you’re looking to live a healthy life while also being able to ‘rock your partner’s world’.

One of the things we recommend you start is meditation. Meditation has shown to reduce stress and helps you to be calmer during stressful situations. Meditation will primarily help you to manage stressful situations that may happen at your workplace or any other place. If meditation is not something you can do, then we recommend that you find something else that will help you to manage your stress. Take up a hobby or do something that will help you to forget about stressful situations. However, we don’t recommend you take up unhealthy habits such as drinking and smoking, because these will just hinder you from attaining the results you want.

No drinking and smoking

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It’s very important that you drink and smoke as little as possible; more importantly, you should reduce the amount of smoking you take part in. There have been many studies showing that individuals who smoke, tend to have lower amounts of testosterone which can reduce the size of their penis. Smoking lowers the blood circulation in your body. As we told you previously, your blood circulation must be at its optimal level if you want to increase your testosterone level and penis size.

When it comes to drinking, you must not binge drink regularly. There have been studies showing that moderate to low drinking infrequently can boost your testosterone. However, this study has only been done once, which is why we can’t recommend you drink alcohol to boost your testosterone. However, drinking alcohol once in a while is okay, but binge drinking is something you need to stay away from. The main thing is to stay away from smoking, make sure that you stop smoking right away if you are a smoker.

Stretch your penis

The first thing you need to start doing is try stretching penis exercises; stretching your penis can add a couple of inches without requiring any surgery.

There are many stretching exercises you can look up online; however, the main thing to understand is that you need to be consistent with your penis stretching exercise if you want to see results. Don’t expect to see results from doing these stretches once every week; make sure to do them regularly and to practice them with proper form and technique.

When doing your stretching penis exercise, start slow, and eventually build up the intensity. The reason why this is important is that you don’t want to overexert your penis. Take it easy in the beginning, and then slowly increase the intensity, and you will see amazing results. There have been people saying that they have added one to two inches to their penis length by doing these stretching exercises.


This is another exercise you can do to increase your penis size. It is where you’re going to squeeze the muscles in your penis. The way to execute this exercise is just to squeeze your penis from top to bottom, making sure that you cut off blood circulation and slowly release it so that there’s more blood flow to your penis.

As we told you previously, the more blood flow in your penis, the more likely your penis is going to be enlarged. Make sure to do these exercises for ten sets every day, if you want to see the results. We recommend you compress the penis for 20 to 30 seconds on each part of your penis and with short breaks in between. This will increase the size of your penis, and can also help you to have a much more prolonged erection during sexual encounters. This exercise kills two birds with one stone, so make sure not to neglect this exercise and to do it regularly.


increasing penis size

Jelqing is an exercise used to increase the hardness of your penis. However, many people suggest that this could add a couple of inches to your penis as well. For this method to work, you need to make sure that your penis is halfway erect. You don’t want a flaccid penis; however, you don’t want a completely erect penis, make sure that it is in the middle.

Hold your penis at the base using your pointer finger and thumb while keeping your grip close to the pelvic bone. Move your hand up to the penis while maintaining a firm pressure, don’t go too hard, or don’t take it too soft keep it firm. Once you reach the head, you should stop and start back from the top.

We recommend you do this two to three times a day, for around 2 and 1/2 to 3 and 1/2 seconds each time. This also allows you to push the blood to your penis, which will help you to have stronger erections and can increase the length of your penis. Make sure to do this exercise regularly, alongside your other penis enlarging exercises.

Give your penis a rest

Similar to working out, you need to give your penis a break from sexual activities. Sexual activities include masturbating and having sex. However, this mostly relates to masturbation. If you’re someone who masturbates 2 to 3 times a day, then chances are you might be decreasing the size of your penis. When you’re masturbating, you are overworking your penis, which will cause you to have weaker erections and will reduce the size of your penis from overworking it.

If you are going to masturbate, we recommend you do it healthily, ideally three to seven times a week. We recommend you don’t masturbate more than once a day, your body needs a break from sexual activities. If you have sexual encounters more than once a day, it is okay if it’s done infrequently. However, if you’re doing this regularly, then you will notice shrinkage of your penis. Give your penis a break and follow those stretching exercises above, and you should see tremendous results when it comes to increasing your penis size.

Final verdict

You can increase your penis size naturally without any surgeries. However, you need to make sure that you are consistent with the penis enlargement exercises and are following a healthy lifestyle if you want to see results. Increasing your penis size is similar to working out, everything needs to be in check and needs to be done consistently if you’re going to see long-term results.

You will not see results within a couple of days; you will have to be consistent for months to come before you see any difference in your penis size. We understand that growing your penis can be important for most males, which is why you need to take this seriously and follow these tips regularly if you want to change your life and have better sexual encounters.

The last thing you want to do is to be in bed with a woman and not be able to satisfy her because of your lack of effort you put into your penis enlargement. You can still grow your penis if you work hard and stay committed to a specific routine. Always make sure to consult with a physician or doctor before you start any exercise routine or start taking any supplements. As some supplements and exercise might not work for you, based on your genetics and previous health issues.