Month: November 2017

12 Best Men’s Workout Clothes Under $100

Although what you wear to the gym probably won’t be the motivating force compelling you to drag yourself through a grueling workout in the wee hours of the morning, it certainly doesn’t hurt to look good while sweating hard. If you live in a major city in the US like LA, NY, Chicago, or San Francisco (where I live), you are also probably all too familiar with the typical “metro” gym look that both straight and gay guys seem to equally emulate. This is commonly characterized by slimming shorts or workout pants, flattering dry-fit tanks, the newest Nike or...

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40 Random Apartment Home Essentials

Six months ago, our small team (consisting of my partner and I) packed up our things and moved into a new apartment in San Francisco from Los Angeles. Before moving to Northern California, we had bounced around several neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles, so we knew what to expect when moving day came. This time around, we decided to rid ourselves of most of the items we didn’t use on a regular basis – we donated old kitchen utensils, divided out the clothing that no longer fit us, gave away outdated electronics that were taking up space in the closet....

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Does Pure for Men Really Work?

In another one of our articles we outline the dangers of douching, and how this practice can be dangerous when done in excess. For those of us who consider ourselves bottoms or versatile, being constantly mindful of our lower half can feel like a struggle, especially when expected to be able to perform on cue. As healthy, mindful men who want to do our best to take care of our bodies, we are met with the dilemma of meeting the demand to be clean during sex, and knowing that douching daily is probably not a great health practice. What...

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