5 Grooming Tips Everyone Needs To Know

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With the summer approaching and the possibility of your lifestyle changing, there’s no doubt it will be important to be conscious of your grooming habits as you spend more time outdoors, with friends, and doing other activities.

Whether you’re obsessive about your appearance or just looking to maintain your overall look, there are some simple ways you can keep yourself looking clean and sharp.

1. Keep your facial hair looking neat

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Sculpting your facial hair to fit your appearance and personality is one way you can add a little extra flair, but keeping it under control can be a whole different story. A great way to stay on top of this is first figuring out and mastering what kind of look is best for you. As they say, practice makes perfect, so the amount of repetition and dedication you put into your facial hair routine will help improve the results.

It’s also important to take into account what you’re using to style your look. Choosing a razor and shave products that don’t irritate your skin and that delivers the results you’re looking for can save a lot of energy and experimenting.

Growing a beard is a great responsibility, and nurturing it is just as important as the hair on your head. Beard oils are great investments if you’re serious about your facial hair, and can help with the growing process of the hair and health of the skin underneath.

Not forgetting about an accompanying mustache and sideburns will be key to creating the perfect trim and look. It’s important to think of all your facial hair as one project, so be sure to give a little TLC to all parts.

2. Take care of your skin

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Your skin, particularly the face, is one of the most important places on your body to take constant care of. Although this can be difficult to make time for, especially for those with busy lifestyles, cleaning and maintaining your skin is a great starting point to kick off all of your grooming habits.

Like anything in life, creating a daily routine surrounding your skincare will show results almost instantly, but where do you start? For clear and healthy skin, start your mornings by washing your face. Choosing a good cleanser may take some time, but you will be sure to find one that works best for you. Be careful how you dry your face as well; oftentimes towels or washcloths can have a rough impact on your face and can lead to irritation. Pat yourself dry gently with a towel after washing your face or showering.

Likewise, at night, it’s best to exfoliate your face and even use a bit of moisturizer. Many men think that laying off of moisturizer actually decreases their chances of breakouts, however sticking to a daily moisturizer will add “good” liquids to your face that will prevent dry skin and acne.

Other simple lifestyle changes can unknowingly improve your skin and appearance as well, like getting good rest every night and avoiding a sugary diet. If you’re a night owl or love your sweets, these habits may be hard to break at first. However, once you’re in the routine of your new lifestyle, they’re an easy first step in approving your overall skin appearance while doing minimal work.

3. Put thought and effort into your hair

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A hairstyle should be important to you for keeping your look clean and fresh; this will help give you an overall groomed appearance. Much like your facial hair, be sure to master and understand what hairstyle and length look best for you, and be sure to communicate this with your barber. Developing this kind of relationship with your barber and setting routine haircut appointments (every 4 weeks, every 6 weeks, etc), can take the hesitation away from waiting too long to get it cut.

For your hair’s health, be sure to find products that best work for you. From gel to shampoo bar, it’s important to be receptive to how your hair reacts to different products. Certain shampoos and conditioners can cause many men’s hair follicles to become dry, so try experimenting or asking a doctor about which option may be best for you.

If you have dandruff, test out special dandruff shampoos, deep exfoliate your scalp and don’t itch your head. It’s very common among men, and it can be handled, so patience and healthy habits will help you combat it over time.

4. Manscaping is important!


A heavily debated topic among men is how to approach body hair and its removal from your body. The most important tip when it comes to this is to find the perfect trimmer and tools that work for you. Especially around the pubic area, it will be important to take extreme caution and thought when it comes time to trim up these parts of your body.

Starting with your chest, it’s best to stick to trimming rather than shaving it all or waxing because of potential irritation. Plus a clean shave can be a bold look for most, so if you are aiming to trim, go for a just a few centimeters. For hair removal, it is always important to find an alternative for hassle-free hair removal. One can opt for different types of treatments to get rid of unwanted hair. But, the best hair removal cream can help in removing hair without any pain or side effects. However, if you want a bare chest, be sure to see a professional waxer or stick to a proper shaving technique to avoid any nicks, redness or scarring.

Moving on to the back, this is arguably the most important part to mastering the perfect manscaping plan. Your back should be shaved/waxed or if you can afford it, lasered. This will notably be the toughest part of your body to groom, so exploring outside options will probably be better in this case in order to stay looking good.

In terms of shaving your pubic area, extreme caution will have to be used when trimming the hair around the area. Start by trimming your pubic area with trimmers that will cut the length but will not clean shave it all. Using shaving cream around sensitive areas is essential and shaving with the grain of your hair will prevent cuts and rashes. As it comes to pubic shaving, be careful, shave and trim as you feel is right, and don’t overthink it or try too hard.

5. Allow daily time for personal hygiene

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In terms of hygiene, this area of grooming will take a majority of your dedication to executing faithfully, however it can also be the easiest to keep track of. For starters, many men are constantly searching for a cologne that will make them stand out. It’s definitely not a bad choice to experiment with several fragrances until you find one that sticks.

However, it’s important to remember not to go over with the top with cologne. Don’t overapply and be cautious with the amount you spray because having too much on can be just as bad as body odor.

There are tons of other ways that you can take care of yourself on a daily basis. For men, showering is a huge part of maintaining your look, however, for your own safety, try showering with warm, or even cool, water because hot showers can burn and irritate your skin. Again, find shampoo and conditioner that nurture your hair and help keep it luscious, but similarly to cologne, be sure not to use too much. Finally, regularly cutting your nails and replacing your toothbrush are easy tasks that can make a huge difference in your overall look and wellbeing.