Month: March 2017

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9, Episode 1 Recap: Gaga Invades!

Hallelu! Season 9 of RuPaul’s Drag Race is live, ladies! As far as season premieres go, this could be my favorite. It was a low pressure non-elimination episode that was blessed with Gaga’s presence. What’s not to love? As always, we got to meet the thirteen new queens to the Drag Race family tree. There’s a queen for everyone this season- pageant queens, on-a-budget queens, fishy young queens, the oldest queen in RPDR “herstory” (not shade… just tea), “cuter-outta-drag” queens, and (my personal favorite) “haute couture” queens. The New Talent After 9 seasons, it’s already clear that the pool...

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Gay Coachella: An Ultimate Guide to 2017

This year will be, without a doubt, one of the most insane Coachella seasons we’ve seen in recent years. Last year’s Indio City Council approval of an increase in 62,000 tickets will make it the most attended year ever, capping at 125,000 people. More importantly, this year’s lineup is absolutely crazy. With the Queen of Pop headlining, and a multitude of diverse smaller sets that appeal to the gays (Banks, Lorde, SNBRN), the Indio Polo Club grounds will be swarming with intensity as people from all over scramble to catch their favorite sets. Although several publications released articles detailing...

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7 Gym Clothing Mistakes You Should Stop Making

These days, going to the gym is an almost religious experience; you’re engaging faith, commitment and such powerful focus to work that leg press that it often feels you’re there either hoping to see Jesus or because pumping up that calf is your only goal in life. Ooh well, we’ve all got our obsessions and, granted, we all love looking lean, so we’ll leave judgment for some other time (well, not entirely, no) and support you in your focus to look smashing. With workout clothing and gym fashion reaching incredibly stylish levels, it’s kind of embarrassing to look drab...

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Moovz: The Global LGBT Social Network – Interview with Idan Matalon

As gay social networking websites and mobile applications have seen tremendous growth over the past decade, many companies have entered the market with niche-driven product goals in mind. Applications like Grindr, Scruff, and Jack’d have dominated the geosocial mapping and hookup game, while content-heavy sites like Queerty and The Advocate report on international gay news and recent happenings. Moovz has emerged as an innovative intersection between content sharing, social networking, and collaboration within the gay community, uniquely calling itself “The Global LGBT Social Network.” This platform takes an inclusive approach by involving all the letters of the rainbow, creating...

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7 Kick-Ass Tips to Help You Plan the Perfect Gay Wedding

One word, one emotion that frees us of all the weight, the hardships and pain of life is, well, love. And with love in our soul, in our eye and mind – anything and everything is possible. Are we really going to be bothered with labels such as straight or gay, instead of simply enjoy the blessing of this glorious feeling and its manifestation – marriage? Of course not. Instead, we’ll celebrate this unity, a promise to hold and cherish one another till the rest of our days. And, what is straight, anyways? Can a human heart really be...

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