Month: May 2017

Sprucing Up Your Online Dating Profile for Summer

brought to you by Hornet App Get Results This Summer with Our Online Dating Tips We all do it. Whether you’re using Hornet or another dating app, designing an online profile of yourself is basically mandatory in today’s dating world. While it might seem overwhelming to condense your completely unique personality into a few concise paragraphs, you can save yourself a lot of time by focusing on the areas that matter most to you. If you’re cruising around the apps looking for that special someone or just a quick flash in the pan, now is a great time to...

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Getting Beach Ready in 5 Easy Steps

Did you know that you don’t have to start dieting and working out six months before your scheduled beach day with friends to make sure you’re looking your best and your butt is popping in your new lime-green swimming trunks (you can thank me for the fashion advice later)? Getting beach ready is not as hard as it seems, and if you’ve been a good boy this year and didn’t stuff your face with unnecessary junk food, you’ll have no problem sculpting a beach-ready bod by following these 5 easy steps. Let’s get to it! Detox regularly Before you...

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Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 9, Ep 9 Recap

Hello, hello, hello ladies and gays. I have been bent and broken. Truly, the savagery wrought has left my heart cold as ice. Season 9 Episode 9’s elimination will go down as the biggest and worst surprise Drag Race has ever dealt. I find myself asking: was this my fault? Maybe it’s because I got too comfortable with my favorites- I assumed they would coast through. The game was back on track. I even had a top three picked out. What a cosmic joke. Anyway… Who’s Left? The Magnificent Seven of Season 9 are as follows! Sasha Velour: I’ve been on...

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How ‘Queer As Folk’ Introduced Me To Gay Culture

Like most young gay kids who grew up in a world dominated by heteronormativity, I had no formal education that taught me how to be a functional homosexual, let alone provide me with any positive gay influences. My own defining year of self-realization occurred during my freshman year of high school, during which I began the process of coming to terms with my sexuality. This volatile time of my life left me with a multitude of questions that demanded immediate recognition, thus compelling me to turn to the internet for answers. As an early adopter of habitual YouTube use,...

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Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 9, Ep 8 Recap

Hello hello hello, ladies and gays! Last episode we lost Aja in a tragic, yet fierce lip sync against Nina Bo’Nina Brown Rodham Clinton. It was simply her time. But, now… it’s Farrah’s time. If it’s not this episode I simply cannot watch anymore. Keep reading to see if that’s a spoiler! “If you haven’t won a challenge… Why Are You Here?” It’s a fair question posed by Peppermint. Back in the workroom, the girls keep score. Let’s see. Shea and Trinity are in the lead tied with the most wins- 2 each. On the other end of the...

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