When it comes to the world of gay sex, the landscape of advice is fraught with misinformation, publications shying away from discussing important subjects, and fluffy language that fails to arrive at the core of what people really want to know. For example, how do I pull off a successful threesome with a new committed boyfriend? How should I talk to my doctor about obtaining a Truvada prescription? How can I uphold ethically sound principles while enjoying sexual experiences with many partners?

Our main motivation is to address and engage an audience who is like us – young gays who are looking for answers and using trial-and-error, case studies, and honest stories to illustrate the options that are at our disposal as gay men. We hope that in sharing our own vulnerabilities when it comes to our experiences with gay sex, we can help our audience contextualize and learn from their own.

Gay Sex Topics We Cover

Most often, the topics and issues we cover as they relate to gay sex are ones we find relevant or personally intriguing. Often, this comes as a result of our own lived experience. This being the case, we fully understand that this dialogue is not, or should be, one-sided. We encourage input and requests for topics we should cover – this helps us grasp an understanding of what our audience yearns for and how we can best help them.

In terms of our own lived experience, we aren’t shy in revealing that there is certainly a lot to talk about! Here are several themes and topics we have covered and will continue to shine light on:

Gay Sluthood And Ethics

When it comes to gay relationships we can all recognize that our drive for sex and pleasure places our dynamic in a place that contrasts our heterosexual counterparts. Our prerogative is that there should be no shame or embarrassment in enjoying oneself and many partners, so long that our actions don’t hurt others. We are deeply vested in exploring the complexities and nuance of ethical gay sluthood. More importantly, we are interested in liberating people like us who might be afraid of embracing this part of themselves.

Gay Sexual Health

With great sexual drive comes great responsibility. The responsibility to keep ourselves and our partners healthy. The responsibility to understand the impact our sexual habits have on our bodies. For example, how healthy is it to douche before every sexual encounter? How should I approach the subject of asking my committed partner to engage in bareback sex with me? How should I notify previous sexual partners that I tested positive for a sexually transmitted infection (STI)? While many of these subjects can be uncomfortable for some, it is so important that we don’t shy away from these conversations as gay adults.

Gay Sex And Advice

This is the fun stuff. Gay sex (and sexuality in general) is a beautiful, intriguing beast. And while we don’t (necessarily) consider ourselves experts in the field, we’ve certainly had some experience. For example, we love to discuss bottoming and topping etiquette – so many people get this wrong (maybe they’re just lazy) – but this nonetheless serves as an opportunity where we can help. Likewise, which position is most ideal when bottoming the first time? Or, our favorite picks for gay sex toys and paraphernalia. None of these topics are off-limits to us, nor do we require a safe word 😉

ParTying And Gay Sex

Needless to say, the gay community is fraught with stigma (and stereotype, for that matter) surrounding drug use and how it intersects with gay sex. What’s more is that these conversations are often ones that shame those adults who are consenting in this behavior, thus making a two-way dialogue nearly impossible. And while addiction should be addressed and dealt with in a way that is both effective and compassionate, there are others who occasionally engage in chemsex, free from addiction or other negative repercussions, that we need to recognize and talk to in a much different way. Our approach is to encourage safe, consenting, and conscious behavior. We hope that by sharing information related to how drugs affect you, which ones to avoid mixing, and how to stay safe, we can break down barriers that otherwise encourage people to engage in shady and dangerous behavior.


While our primary audience is gay men, we occasionally feature lesbian, bisexual, and transgender writers who courageously share viewpoints that help us to frame our own experiences in a different light. One of these viewpoints is the sexual experience of lesbian, transgender, bisexual, and non-gender-conforming individuals.

Submit Requests for Gay Sex Topics to Cover

As we stated before, our ideas for gay sex topics and subjects come either from our own lived experience or are based on our assumptions about what we think our audience members want to know. We encourage you to submit your own topic ideas to us for consideration and coverage. Or, if you are a gay writer, we would love to talk about featuring your work on The Authentic Gay! Please email us at [email protected] for more information.